My Civil Heroes and President Obama

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The following individuals were/are bent on uplifting the human spirit, and gave hope to the
world! A world, where justness prevails, and no one has to live in
apprehension or fear of the other.

Please note, these are my favorites, you have your own, Ceaser Chavez for example is hero to many, and I admire him, but I did not spend time learning about him. We all have to accept the limitations of our time per day and how much we can learn.  

My list includes; Mahatma Gandhi,
Martin Luther King Jr. Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Abdul Sattar
Edhi, Aga Khan, President Carter , President Obama* (a reserved
entry), Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Nana Saheb (Maternal Grand father), my father and Mother.

Several things were common to them; among them are:

1) No wall between them and another soul
2) No religious and political boundaries for them
3) No preference when it came to serving another human
4) The good they did, benefited larger humanity than self
5)  Justness was a paramount value for them
6) No bone of prejudice in them.
7) Their world is the same size as God’s world.  

As a pluralist, who respects the otherness of others
and accepts the God given uniqueness of each one of the 7 billion of us, I have come to like Barack Obama. Ever since I read his speech in 2007 delivered in the Illinois state senate, way before he announced his candidacy,  I have become his fan. That speech was an epitome of
pluralism and inclusiveness. The inclusiveness that Jesus and every
great spiritual master taught.

If I get a chance, I will put
together a few statements by tomorrow, and I feel certain that most
of it will be reflected by Obama in his speech on Monday. 

I have written 65 Pieces about him including cheers and
Jeers, appreciation and criticism. My reservation has been on two
fronts, he blew the opportunity to bring peace between Israelis and
Palestinians, and the idiotic drone attacks on innocent civilians, these
are his two major flaws that will prevent him from becoming one of the
greatest political leaders in human history. I have written a few good
pieces on the topics and hope to meet this guy, and I believe I can
achieve an understanding between the two peoples in the Middle East and
coast them towards acceptance of each other. The Israelis need to have a
sense security (explained in detail) and Palestinians need basic
justice, both can be achieved, if he musters up the courage to do the right
thing, regardless of the attacks from a few.

Obama will go down in the history as one of the
greatest presidents, and I believe he will bring fruition to what Carter started. He is indeed a catalyst in bringing America forward
to become God’s own country, where the uniqueness of every human is
valued. He gives meaning to the idea of a Republic, our Republic where
individual rights are valued and not run over by the mobcracy. 

*** I am a Republican, a moderate one like Chris Christie, John
Huntsman, Colin Powel, Schwarzenegger and many more. I request my fellow
Americans not to judge the GOP by the morons out there representing the
party. It is time to speak out, and speak out I will… hopefully by the
end of this year. 

The stability of our nation and health of our
democracy is dependent on a strong two party system. Most of the evil in
the past has occurred when either Republican or Democrats were in all
the three branches of Government. Stupid though they are, I like the
house in the hands of Republicans, they provide an ugly check, and it
ensures that, we the people are not bulldozed. Obama has done a great
job in bipartisan support in passing the aid to Sandy, and now on
getting both the parties to develop a responsible gun ownership policy. 

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