Mike Ghouse on Hannity Show with Brigitte Gabriel

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made a few points that I needed to make – a complete absence of another
point of view is not healthy for a nation. No talk show by left or
right, either by Matthew or Hannity allows their guest to give a complete
picture… they keep shooting questions and
you got to figure it out to hit your points.. I make a few of my
points, instead of no points. They give a
hair thin chance to get your point…. its not easy.


We should not have gone into Afghanistan in the first place, we need to
pack and come back home, Afghans have been around for millennium and
they will manage their affairs, we don’t need to baby sit them.

2. War is wrong and we should go after the terrorists individuals, and not the nations.

3. Never punish the good people as collateral damage. We need the good people on our side, and must isolate the bad apples.

4. These outfits claiming to be linked with AlQaida or Talibans may be faking their claims just to get credibility

5. We should not fund Egypt, if Morsi does not relinquish is absolute powers.

We need to continue to negotiate with Iran, War is not the answer and
we cannot mess our economy with another war. We are just not capable of
another war. If we can get the job done through a dialogue, that is the
wise thing to do.

7. Humans dialogue to resolves the conflicts, animals lock in their horns. Dialogues is the only way to go forward.

it was a 15 minute conversation between Hannity, Gabrielle (the ranter)
and myself. In the shows, I do not get into her diatribe, or even
respond to another item, as I do not want to be derailed from the points
I am making… I rather stick with a few points and I did it.
about a minute ago ·

Ghouse and Gabriel on Algeria
Sean was joined by Mike Ghouse
and Brigitte Gabriel to discuss the latest hostage crisis in Algeria and what
President Obama is doing to solve this issue. “I thought Al Qaeda was on the
run,” sarcastically commented Sean, “I’m kidding, I never thought this was
over.” “The way I see this is that our enemies see Israel as weaker,” continued
Hannity, “As we look at the rise of radicalism, we need to ask how widespread
this is.” “Exactly,” agreed Gabriel, “There were forty four wars going on
between Muslims and Non-Muslims in 2006 and we’re even worse off now and yet we
hear nothing from the West.” “Radical Islamists have figured out that our
President doesn’t have the stomach to take them on,” concluded Sean, “He just
doesn’t.” “The majority of people are good people,” countered Ghouse, “What we
need to do is keep the good people on our side.” While another war is far from
what America needs right now, one thing is clear and that’s our need to stand up
to radical Islamists who’re hell-bent on trying to destroy America and yet, keep
an open arm to those “good people” who are on our side. For the latest on the
Algerian hostage situation, click here. http://hoaxandchange.blogspot.com/2013/01/executive-order-is-disorder.html?m=1 

I will remember to add the audio link or other write ups.


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