Muslims should stand up against harassment of fellow Muslims

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A few abstracts:

To have the power to affect a positive change in a given society one must be just. It is not justice when one gains at the wrongful expense of others. Many a Muslims have lost the gut in their voice because they have failed to stand up for others

Secondly, we cannot validate and propagate a false idea that the majority has a right to dictate the minorities to accept their status as subjects. Should the majority of Americans believe in the rhetoric that Muslims are terrorists and must be kicked out of the planes and prevent them from building a place of worship?

Fourth, many Muslims have been brainwashed like most others to believe in things fed by the politicians. Whatever their government says is embraced by them as unadulterated truth. President Reagan ….

Islam is large enough to absorb all the strands. Indeed, we can see the wisdom in the Prophet’s predictions

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If you disagree, express it at the post, if you agree it is even more important to build up the momentum…

Mike Ghouse

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