Muslims Desecrating Graves & Holy Cross

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Criminals desecrating Graves & Holy Cross

As a Muslim, and the Muslims I have called are outraged, appalled and disgusted with the desecration of Graves and the Cross in Australia by the radical men, who are shamelessly calling themselves Muslims.
They need to be punished to the maximum allowable by the Australian Laws, no one should be spared. If you ask, what makes Muslims happy? It is when these criminals will be punished, these men are dangerous to the society.
No matter what they call themselves, or what religious label they want wear, they are damned criminals and must be punished severely.
No civil society should allow any criminal to use the name of a religion for their bad acts. No religion permits desecration and disrespect of other people’s property and things they hold dear.
This video is apparently banned on YouTube. Muslims need to speak up, shout in unison in expressing their disgust.

They are the enemies of the civilized society and the biggest threat to Muslims.

I will recompose the press release, but I need to express my disgust in behalf of Muslims and hope you join in expressing the outrage.

Mike Ghouse
www.World Muslim
2665 Villa Creek Dr, Suite 206
Dallas, TX 75234

[email protected]
(214) 325-1916/ Text or Cell

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