Mr. Netanyahu, back off, don’t you mess with America!

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Back off Mr. Netanyahu | Don’t you mess with America!

Time to stop Netanyahu from lying to America, blocking
his speech to the unofficial joint session of the US Congress. 

Netanyahu has not only injured the credibility of his office that is deleterious
to Israel, but has aggravated the community of nations and will continue to
Isolate Israel. 161 out of 166 UN member Nations do not trust him and his
policies by voting against some of the resolutions against Israel or have

American foreign policy will not be the same, despite the racist attitudes of a few in the Congress and Senate, they will still see the wisdom in President Obama’s genuine foreign policy ushering into an era of dialogue rather than conflict.

Let Obama negotiate the treaty and reduce one less enemy for Israel, and one more member of the Nuclear treaty to abide by, and let’s hope Israel also signs the Nuclear treaty as most other nations have done. Let the average American benefit from Obama’s sane policies.

Mike Ghouse
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