Five timely pieces on Obama, Netanyahu, Austrian Sharia, Sacred Film and Muslim Integration initiative

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5 Timely Pieces for this week
1. Back off Mr. Netanyahu, don’t mess with America.
2. Is Obama’s Wisdom good for America, did he say the right words?
3. Austria passes reform to Islamic Laws – We welcome it
4. Film Sacred
to address conflicts with other
5. Muslim Integration initiatives to be launched
Lessons in Foreign policy: Mr. Netanyahu and his ilk can fool us in America once, but not twice, and we are not the guinea pigs of his erratic genocidal behavior.

He is coming to Washington to convince the nincompoops who had plunged us into destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to go at Iran now. We lost over 5000 men and women, millions of Americans lost their jobs, and their homes were foreclosed besides sinking us into budget deficit running in $Trillions of Dollars. He wants us to be completely liquidated, to hell with him. We put America first!

Let’s put our biases aside, and review if President Obama’s words and
actions represent what is a moral and astute policy, and also if it is good for
the United States of America. Let us examine his choice of words at the “Summit
on Countering Violent Extremism” and his reminder at the National Prayer
Breakfast to be humble and cognizant of our own historical record. 

Given the global anti-Muslim hysteria, the new Austrian law generates
two responses;   No and Welcome, and I will go with the welcome response for it
serves the greater good of Muslims and the world around them.
This following points may anger a few Muslims initially, but when we think
of the society a large, and shine the light of Quran on it, we will eventually
see the value in the law enacted by the Austrian Government, which is initially
resisted by a few.
If Muslims cannot stop the rogue Imams from spreading hate and disturb the
peace in a given society, it becomes the responsibility of the society at large
to do that. “The law seeks to prevent the growth of a parallel Islamic society
in Austria by regulating mosques and the training of imams, who will now be
required to be proficient in German.” In America, we face this, many a imported
Imams cannot connect with our kids. Let the Imams be local and trained to be
contributors towards a better society, it does not require any giving-up of
their faith or compromise on their part. 

The film skillfully manages conflicting issues of freedom
of speech v what is sacred; safety of Americans v violent reactions; and
radicalism v. pluralism. It is an embodiment of conflict mitigation and goodwill
nurturence based on teachings of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. It is a
model for building cohesive societies.  Indeed, the concept is encouraged by
major institutions.

Through “Sacred”, the world will witness positive
changes taking shape; it encourages what Muslims ought to be – the Amins, and
how they will be perceived by the society at large. What is good for Muslims has
got to be good for the world and vice-versa to restore sustainable

Sacred is an exemplary story of ordinary Muslim
Americans working with fellow Americans of different faiths in forging a new
paradigm; a cohesive America where no American has to live in tension,
apprehension or fear of the other.


Insha Allah, we will make an effort to pull ISNA, ICNA, MPAC,
CAIR and other organizations together and launch America Together Foundation, a
main stream organization to build a cohesive America and work on integration of
all Americans. We will begin with Muslims and add on all others as we get funded
and go forward.

We have to shape our destiny by planning and getting
things done. God willing, we are looking forward to having a huge presence in
the media.  I do need volunteers and sponsors and our programs will be cost
effective and results producing.  If you are  a sincere doer, and willing to put
in at least 5 serious hours a week to bring the change, please call me, but if
you are not serious and not willing to burn the ships. We don’t need to waste

Please donate generously, its a non-profit and tax deductible 501 (c) (3)
organization. We need at least $6000/month to produce serious results.
Please donate at:
Thank you
Mike Ghouse

Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on Pluralism at
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and foreign policy. He is a staunch defender of human rights and his book
standing up for others will be out soon, and a movie “Americans together” is in
the making.  He is a frequent guest commentator on Fox News and syndicated Talk
Radio shows and a writer at major news papers including Dallas Morning News and
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