Save India Protest Videos

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We hope to list all the protest videos here

Karan Thapar’s powerful interview
The interview is a good summary of the current Indian government’s evil policies. Karan Thapar is one of the most respected journalists. Modi had walked out on him. It’s 55 minutes, worth listening to fully grasp what’s going on and what the future of India would look like, if we don’t stop these evil men of BJP, hell-bent on destroying India’s economy, it’s future and social cohesion.  Please do read the amnesty report posted earlier today.

The Sikh community stand up for the Justice and rights

Police Brutality Against Minors by UP Police During Anti-CAA Protests –

Shocking Cases Of Medical Negligence in UP During Anti-CAA protests –

Vandalism of Muslim Homes by UP Police in Crackdown During Anti-CAA

UP Police shot to kill Muslim men in a crackdown against Anti-CAA protests –

Hate Speeches by BJP Leaders Against Anti-CAA Protests-


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