Jewish Muslim Christian Trialogue at Temple Beth Shalom

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Rabbi Suzan Grossman, Rev. Bill Au and Mike Ghouse carried an interfaith Trialogue at Temple Beth Shalom in Columbia, MD. It was a great conversation covering several topics. I will gather the notes in a few days.

Experiencing God is an amazing thing…

Piety, or God consciousness, or going further with it – to be God like amounts to being home with what surrounds you, when you achieve piety, you do not consider any human to be inferior or belittle others to have a false sense of being superior. You feel you are part of the God energy and others are similar parts to be respected.

The sun shines on the dirtiest puddle as well as the crystal clear mountain, and when your experience God consciousness, you shine on all humanity without any discrimination. When you get to that point – you are most comfortable in life, it is true nirvana or salvation at that time.

The basic tenets of Islam are like the Ten Commandments, they offer the basic structural support for creating harmony in the society. All religions and systems of Governance has one thing in common – to build cohesive societies where no one has to live in apprehension or fear of the other.


Mike Ghouse


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