What kind of America do you want?

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There is an old saying, “Encourage what is good and discourage what is bad.” When we encourage goodness it tends to be infectious, more people will catch it, and the world around us gets better by day and at the end everyone is better off.

what-kind-of-america-do-we-want-jpgOn the other hand, if you do not discourage what is bad, the bad guys assume that you have given them the permission to continue to be a bad guy. Did we? Do we want bad guys to run our lives?

Aren’t we concerned with the loose characters that have no qualms in using abusive language, the kind we don’t use in front of our children or respectful women and men?

Men supporters of Trump will be the first ones screwed. If Trump becomes President, he may place bans on Muslim nations, 56 of them purchase our defense products and sustain 18% of American Jobs, instead of begging and getting humiliated, they will go to Russia to buy the same, and even China will invest in Airplane manufacturing and screw us out. There will be massive unemployment and that will affect the manufacturing workers or the Trump supporters the most.

Do women supporters of Trump want him to grab them by their genitals? No self respecting woman will tolerate that behavior. If you do not measure up to Trumps idea of beauty and are above 35, you may not want to worry; he wouldn’t even look at you – how demeaning! But if you are below 35 and score 7 out of ten, the creep may want to feel you out, as he thinks he is entitle to you.

If you vote for the third party candidates, you might as well flush it down the toilet, if that is what it is worth it to you. By not choosing the safer candidate, you are choosing the wrong one by default.

Hillary is equally bad – but at least our country will remain civil. She will not mess up the country, let’s give her four years and take back if she does not add anything to the prosperity. If you give it to trump, the disaster is waiting to happen and it would be difficult to recover – remember what Bush had left in 2008, do we want another Bush? At least Bush had clean morals, Trump does not.

I am an independent voter, and not bound to any candidate, my loyalty is to America and not the party. My choice is safety and sailing for another four years without messing it up – and my vote went to Hillary.

The choice is yours.
Mike Ghouse

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