Is Brigitte Gabrielle wrong?

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Most people don’t like her rants and hatred she spews about Muslims, Islam, Quran and the Prophet, however, she does make a point, and what is that point?

She speaks the language of ISIS and the Radicals among Muslims, both of them have hung on to the wrong sources of information. It is a shame that Muslims have not looked into the sources of Islamophobia; one is obviously hereditary with a handful of Christians and Jews,  and the other we need to focus on is unquestioned, bamboozled and shameful Muslim (not Islamic or Quranic) literature against Jews and Christians.

It is my responsibility to at least make the world aware of it, and at least make Brigitte aware of it. If someone funds, I can communicate to the sinners of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their likes,  and hope through a short documentary we can decimate their venomous ideology from spreading and blocking future recruitments, and possible redemption of a majority of them from that hateful rotten mess they are in.

Full article will be submitted to newspaper for publication, and once published, the link will be provided here.

Reference and video:
Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the American Congress For Truth and ACT! for America, said those terrorist groups were following Islam the way it was intended. “ISIS is Islamic in its purist form,” she said. It’s called the Islamic State. It operates following exactly the commandments of Muhammad. ISIS is not doing anything that Muhammad himself did not do. Whether it is beheading, cutting off ears, cutting off tongues, killing traitors. Muhammad himself was a military leader. In the Islamic world he is considered Al-Insan al-Kamil, the perfect man. ISIS is following the Koran to the letter. “

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