India's Future, Narendra Modi, Muslims and Moving Forward

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The prosperity of India can be compared to a bus journey. If the
driver ensures the air pressure is even in all its tires, the journey
would become safe for its passengers. Similarly, if all the communities
in a nation are on a level playing field, the prosperity of the nation
becomes secure and sustainable.

Unfortunately, the majoritarian attitudes of a few harm India’s
harmony and adversely affect her prosperity. They harass, threaten and
use violence to teach the minorities, women and the weak how to behave,
and put them in their place. It is like letting the air out of one of
the tires, hurting all of us in the end.

The 1984 Sikh Genocide, the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992,
burning of Hindu Passengers in Godhra and Massacre of Muslims in Gujarat
in 2002, the rapes of Nuns, Dalits and destruction of Churches are
among the ugly cruelties we have witnessed since independence in 1947.
It is a shameful blot on the civility of our Mother; India.


The anguish, suffering, apprehension and non-restoration of justice to
the victims will continue to hurt the cohesiveness of India. As Indians,
we need to set aside our pettiness and pull every Indian onto a level
playing field, the more people we pull up, the greater the prosperity
for all. 


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