India’s fake stories

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The following two paragraphs are a repeat from another article I wrote.

Evil exists in the world, not because of evil people, but because good people do nothing about it. I am urging good people to speak up, that is all it takes.

You must have watched Tigers chasing a herd of Buffaloes – they run like crazy, ultimately the tiger will get one of them. You must have also seen four or five Buffaloes turn around and face the tiger, and the Tiger takes a back step, then the Buffaloes run towards him and the Tiger takes a hike.

Thanks to all the newspapers who have countered the fake news. It would be great if it hits Hindi and regional vernacular. I hope we share this with our friends across the board.

49 Hate Stories (Fake News) made viral by the India Media within a week

Fake News 1: Muslim man spitting on fruits to spread Corona –…/man-spitting-on-fruits-held
Fake News 2: Muslims licking utensils to spread Corona –…/
Fake News 3: Muslims sneezing in Unison to spread Corona –…/covid19-muslim-sneeze
Fake News 4: Fake whatsapp videos led to attack on health team in Indore –…/indore-coronavirus-video…/
Fake News 5: Indian news agency ANI runs baseless story claiming Hindus denied rations in Karachi –…/637723-no-evidence
Fake News 6: Old video circulated as Tabhlighis spitting on Policemen to spread coronavirus
Fake News 7: Video falsely claiming Muslim policeman beating a Hindu priest…/the-truth-of-viral-news…/
Fake News 8: Muslim worker in restaurant spitting in food to spread coronavirus…/
Fake News 9: Muslim Foreign Nationals with coronavirus hiding in Patna Mosque to avoid testing…/
Fake News 10: Muslim man from the Delhi congregation intentionally coughing on somebody.…/coronavirus-india-islamophobia…/

Fake News 11: Communal attack in Bawana shared with false claim of Muslim man injecting fruits with spittle

Fake News 12: Old video where salon attendant applies saliva on customer’s face falsely shared with Muslim angle

Fake News 13: DCP Noida refutes ANI on linking quarantine setup in Sector 5 Harola with Tablighi Jamaat (ANI spreading false information):

Fake News 14: Old video from Pakistan falsely viral as Tablighi Jamaat member roaming naked in isolation ward

Fake News 15: Viral audio falsely claims Muslim vendors have sprung up in Surat to spread coronavirus

Surat City Police confirmed to BOOM that an accused was arrested for recording an audio about Muslim vendors spreading COVID-19 in the city

Fake News 16: Media misreport – Tablighi Jamaat members defecate in open after being refused non-veg food

Fake News 17: Raipur AIIMS denies ‘spitting, misbehaviour’ by Tablighi Jamaat patient

Fake News 18: Shobha Karandlaje, MP and former Minister, tweeting a fake news story about COVID positive cases misbehaving in the district hospital in Belagavi (Karnataka)

Fake News 19: Did the Muslim man spit on the Bread Packet to Spread Corona Virus (क्या मुस्लिम व्यक्ति ने कोरोना वायरस फैलाने के लिए ब्रेड के पैकेट में थूक लगाया?)

Fake News 20: Death of health worker in MP falsely communalised as attack by Muslims in UP

Fake News 21: Muslims (Tablighee) attack policeman in Bareilly – तीन साल पुरानी तस्वीर बरेली में पुलिस पर हुए हमले की बताकर वायरल

Fake News 22: Jamaat’s Link to Prayagraj Murder Case found fake

Fake News 23: Zee Media (@ZEEUPUK) News of Tablighee Jamaat members stone pelting medical team debunked by Firozabad Police (@firozabadpolice). Zee Media deleted the tweet later.

Fake News 24: Rewa IG Abid Khan falsely named as Police Officer thrashing a lone priest praying in a temple and destroying the temple

Fake News 25: Lucknow Police (@lkopolice) denies any news of misbehavior or stone pelting with nurses by Tablighee Jamaat members in Kaisarbagh, Kasaibara

Fake news 26: देहरादून: अख़बार ने लिखा एक-एक जमाती खा रहा 25 रोटी, जांच में फर्जी निकली बात

Fake News 27: COVID-19 positive Muslim nationals from Iran and Italy hiding in Patna

Fake News 28: Zee News reports 11 Tablighee Jamaat members as infected in Arunachal Pradesh, but AP IPR (@ArunachalDIPR) debunks by confirming that there is just one positive case in the entire state.

Fake News 29: Attack on health workers in Kareli PS under Prayagraj debunked by @prayagraj_pol

Fake News 30: Prayagraj Police debunks the fake news of Tablighi Connection in the fight between neighbours resulting in killing of Lotan Nishad (circulated by ABP news, News Nation, Sudarshan News and many others)

Fake News 31: जमातियों के खिलाफ फ़ेक न्यूज़ फैलाने वाला शख्स गिरफ्तार, पुलिस का ही लेटर कर दिया था एडिट (Man who edited special branch letter arrested in Vadodara)

Fake News 32: The list of Tabligh Jamaati itself is FAKE, as shared by government authorities

Fake News 33: Video viral with false claim that Muslims scatter notes on the road to spread coronavirus

Fake News 34: Video of man selling relief material at grocery shop is from Pakistan

Fake News 35: Malicious Video In Circulation Saying Karnataka Panchayat Bans Muslims over COVID-19 (FIR filed against 1 gram panchayat member and 2 others)

Fake News 36: Video from Pak falsely linked with Hindu man’s alleged murder by Muslim men in Rajasthan

Fake News 37: अखबारों ने छापा-रांची में सफाईकर्मियों पर थूका गया, नहीं मिला सबूत (Newspapers reported spitting on cleaners in Ranchi’s Muslim locality: found fake)

Fake News 38: Video from Pak falsely linked with Hindu man’s alleged murder by Muslim men in Rajasthan

Fake News 39: Morphed Aaj Tak graphic falsely claims Pakistan PM’s wife and driver tested positive for coronavirus

Fake News 40: No, US and UK have not selected PM Modi to lead a coronavirus task force

Fake News 41: UP police’s mock drill video shared as ‘corona Jihadis’ arrested during lockdown

Fake News 42: Viral Video From Leprosy Shelter In Meerut Peddled With Communal Twist

Fake News 43: False: Markaz Attendee Thrashed By Cops For Misbehaving With Hospital Staff

Fake News 44: Video Of An Agitated Woman At A Quarantine Centre In Pakistan Shared As India

Fake News 45: No, A Temple Was Not Turned Into A Quarantine Center For Muslims In AP – False communal narrative

Fake News 46: Video Of Eatery Staff Blowing Into Food Packets Is Not From India, shared with communal angle

Fake News 47: Video Of Boy Washing Apples In A Sewer In Pakistan Revived to communalise India

Fake News 48: 2015 Video Of Yogi Criticising Shah Rukh Khan Revived With False Claim News 49: Did Lawyers In Pakistan Assault A Hindu Woman? The caption with the video states: “This is how women are being treated in Pakistan. इस लड़की का गुनाह सिर्फ इतना है की ये हिन्दू है और वो भी शान्तिधूर्तो के देश पाकिस्तान में। (This girl’s only fault is that she is a Hindu, that too in peace-loving Pakistan)

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