India leads in Auto technology – Car run by Air power

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There is an old saying in India not to build castles in the air… meaning too much hot air in your talk, that myth is about to be busted. India is building cars that run on air power; compressed air.

This is one small step for mankind, but a giant leap for independence from fossil fuels. I am sure, air impact studies will be done, environmental effects will be considered, but we are moving forward.

Hopefully we will manage our planet responsibly.

In my weekly article at Dallas Morning News, I wrote, “If Senator Mulla Santorum had attended science classes; he would have known how fertile lands become deserts, or how irresponsible management of waste can cause our water to be destructive to health, and how the soil erosion (alluvial) can rob the food productivity. If we don’t take care of mother Earth, she would deprive us of her fruits. It is a mutually respectful relationship with Earth, and not a Bam, slam, thank you maam kind of relationship.”

We are all a part of one interconnected and interdependent system. Keeping its equilibrium is our responsibility for our own survival as a part of the whole.
Hope you are as excited about the innovation as I am.
This Air Car almost sounds too good to be true. We’ll see in August. 2012

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