India Elections – a perfect interview with Maulan Madani

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Madani deserves a big salute for this interview. He spoke the
sentiments of a majority of Muslims, at least me and 90% of what I
wanted to say and have said it over the last several years.  If someone
wants to know the state of Muslims in India – this is the snapshot.

don’t want to write about it, it is worth listening again and again,
there is confidence, humor, assertiveness and patriotism in his
language.  He spoke the truth with politeness and firmness. One of the
best interviews from an Indian Muslim. I would have probably given the
same interview.

Modi should not apologize for Gujarat 2002 riots, says Madani – the title is not what the interview is about. 

is an exclusive interview by Rahul Kanwal with Muslim cleric Maulana
Mahmood Madani said Narendra Modi is not secular and will have to treat
everyone as equal if he becomes the prime minister. Rahul is a good
interviewer as well.

I actually had a tear in my eye at 4:19
point of the interview. I love his confidence in India and India’s
pluralistic ethos. He and I have identical views and approach based on
conflict mitigation and goodwill nurturence. He is a true follower of
the Prophet.

are deeply a pluralistic people and our heritage is loaded with
pluralistic ethos. Men who are divisive are an insult to Hinduism and
Islam’s pluralistic ethos. Remember men in all traditions have been
violent, despite their religion teaching otherwise. It is not the
religion; it is the selfishness and insecurity in men that drives them
to be rotten pigs.

I used a provocative title to make the point, “for every Muslim ass, there is a Hindu ass” at
URL – 

and “Modi’s Nakshatra’s are not in his favor” –

and “India’s future with Modi”

I wrote in a note yesterday

It’s not about Hindus or Muslims, but it is about;

1. Justice for every indian.
2. No indian needs to live in fear of the other,
3. No Indian needs to be treated less than the other. 
Is this too much to ask?

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