For every Muslim ass there is a Hindu ass

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Secularism will not die; it will be upgraded to Pluralism; India’s heritage.

Indians agree and support this statement, “let every Indian, pray, eat,
sleep, drink, wear, think or believe whatever the hell he or she wants
to do, but not impose his ideals onto others.”

Indeed, a majority
of Muslims, Hindus, and others mind their own business, taking care of
the family, getting kids to school, having a job and thinking of
comfortable retirement. 

It is time to scream at the rascal
individuals be it in Congress or BJP  who talk divisiveness. Anyone who
does not care about the others is not good for the society.

for every Muslim ass, there is a Hindu ass, (or other assess). For
every Azam, there is a Togadia, for every Bukhari there is an Amit
Shah…  and many more popping by day.

The purpose of police, criminal justice and law is to protect Indians from these men who incite hatred.

or Indira, they come and go, but India has been there and will always
be there with its pluralistic ethos. If they do any damage or did not
control the damage like the Sikh Genocides, Gujarat Massacre,
Mistreatement of Dalits, Destruction of Babri Masjid, it will hurt for a
long time, but will heal. India is too big for these temporals. I like
that old song from Bombay to God – Na koi raha hai, no koi rahega, mere
desh azad ho ke rahega.

We are deeply a pluralistic people and
our heritage is loaded with pluralistic ethos. Men who are divisive are
an insult to Hinduism and Islam’s pluralistic ethos. Remember men in all
traditions have been violent, despite their religion teaching
otherwise. It is not the religion; it is the selfishness and insecurity
in men that drives them to be rotten pigs.

And, “Hinduism is the
“Ellis Island of religions”. Pluralism and diversity are deeply
ingrained in it, “the lines between different beliefs and practices are
permeable membranes”

And, “India gave itself a secular, liberal
constitution because a vast majority of all its people, in fact almost
unanimously, determined that this was the finest formulation for
nation-building in a land as diverse and complex as ours. The
Constituent Assembly had participation from across the many ideological
divides. The document it drafted has now acquired the status of
scripture and nobody in mainstream politics dares to question it. The
man credited with leading that process, Ambedkar, has been added to our
pantheon of all-party gods.”

Now coming to deal with the extremism- a part of every society, every religion, every ethnicity and language.

politicians want to label it religious, but in reality it is the
arrogance of one over the other. Each group is deviating from the
religious teachings of humility and chosing arrogance, ahankar etc.

I fully endorse the theme of the article ” Secularism is dead” by Shekhar Gupta at Indian Express.

is Dead
This anti-Modi battle cry is lazy,
illiberal and an affront to Muslims — and to Hindus.


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