Hundreds of Muslim workers fired after dispute over prayers

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Muslim Workers fired in Colorado |
January 2, 2016, CBS News reports,  “Nearly 200 Muslim workers have been fired from a Cargill meatpacking plant in Colorado, for walking out after a dispute over prayer breaks.” 
This report has generated some of the following responses;

“Company was right in firing them. Today its time off for prayers, tomorrow its objection to wearing work uniform, next day its objection to facial hair policy.”
“I do not think that it is too much to ask our employees to not go every one to gather and stop the work.  I think we are going on the evil side instead of goodness.”
Being American is to honor a woman when she is pregnant, and pay for pregnancy leave. The companies did not say, don’t get pregnant, we don’t pay you to get pregnant. 
Being American is appreciating our school cafeterias to respect a child’s choice to eat, vegetarian, kosher or halal foods, good things happen when people start believing in living their lives and letting others live theirs. 
Being American is letting each faith member practice his or her faith, and build his or her place of worship. 
Being American is respecting and believing in the rights of others, and being American is to value others life liberty and pursuit of their happiness.
Being American is NOT drawing sadistic pleasure by denying others rights. The idea of Liberty is; I don’t agree with you, but I’ll fight for your rights.  
The stupid employer could have gotten more out of their employees by working with them, and setting a great example.  
For some people their faith is important, and for some it is not important, and yet there some who will sell their mothers or faith to have an income. 
We have to stand up for the legitimate inalienable rights for people, no matter what religion they belong to …
First they came for blacks… 
Then for gays and lesbians
Came for Mormons,
Then for Muslims 
Hindus, Jews ….
I didn’t give a shit, I was not one of them
But when they finally came for me,
No SOB was there to defend me.
Is this the world we want?
Thank you,
Mike Ghouse, 
(214) 325-1916
Washington, DC 

Dr. Mike Ghouse is a community consultant, social scientist, thinker, writer, newsmaker and a professional speaker on PluralismInterfaithIslam,  politicshuman rights, and foreign policy.  Mike is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. More about him in 63 links at and his writings are at

Hundreds of Muslim workers fired after dispute over prayers

FORT MORGAN, Colo. — Nearly 200 Muslim workers have been fired from a Cargill meatpacking plant in Colorado, for walking out after a dispute over prayer breaks.
Praying five times a day is a must for many Muslims.
But Tony Aden says missing even one of those prayers over a break time dispute caused him and many others to walk away from their jobs.
“It don’t matter if I don’t have a job, my religion is more important,” Aden told CBS News.


A Cargill meatpacking plant in Colorado fired nearly 200 Muslim workers after they walked off the job in a dispute over prayer breaks.


Cargill spokesperson Michael Martin says prayer is allowed. But he says a misunderstanding of company policy came on December 18th, when 11 workers asked for a break to pray at the same time.
“Coming from that specific work area would have disrupted the workflow so the supervisor told the employees that they could go pray, but they would have to go in smaller numbers than 11,” Martin told CBS News. “It would have to be three at a time.”
The following Monday, nearly 200 employees from the Muslim community didn’t show up to work for three consecutive days. The company fired them all.
“There are times when accommodation is not possible,” Martin said. “But in an overwhelming majority of instances, we do everything we can to ensure sure that we do accommodate employees.”
Jaylani Hussein represents 150 workers who are now without a job.
“Now we are getting supervisors who are telling our clients to go home if they wanted to pray,” Hussein said. “If they are denied their basic rights to practice their faith reasonably at their employment, they seem to be losing one of the basic fundamental rights.”


The Cargill plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado is hiring replacements for the Muslim workers it fired.



Cargill is now hiring to fill the shoes of those who walked out.
Areas have been set up at Cargill since 2009 to accommodate anyone who requested time to pray.
The Council on American Islamic Relations is currently working reach an agreement with Cargill so that those fired workers can return.

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