President Obama and Gun safety

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Obama will go down in the history as one of the most intellectual presidents of our history. He struggles in finding pathways to fix the problems in the society without worrying about the electorate. I can compare him to Lincoln and the civil war.
Without any doubt he believes in the 2nd Amendment, the right to carry guns, yet our friends influenced by the Gun lobby, choose to say that he is out to get the guns, he is not. Let it be loud and clear, all he wants is safety of Gun usage, so your teen does no kill himself or some psycho does not go into school and mass shoot babies…..

355 Mass murders this year, and we still want guns in the hands of the nuts? They have the right to have the guns, but let’s make sure they are mentally capable of having one… you cannot drive on the road without license, and you cannot drive when you are drunk – for the safety of public at large, we need gun safety regulations.

Please drop your hatred for Obama and see what is good for America.

67% of Americans are with him, it is time for the Congressmen and women to be with him on this singular issue – Gun Safety.

A pause in the shouting: Obama, critics connect at CNN’s town hall on guns –
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