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It is good to laugh at least a few times a day;
a sense of completness permeates in you
when you do your daily share of calling a friend,
reading poetry, philosophy, religion, politics, humor or
whatever suits you.

ONE LINERS IN INDIAN ENGLISH.Indian1: Oye, what will happen if electricity was not discovered?
Indian2: Nothing, then we would have watched TV in candle light.

Teacher: “What is common between JESUS, KRISHNA, MOHAMED, GANDHI and BUDHA?”
Indian: “All were born on government holidays…!!!

Teacher: What is difference between Orange and Apple?
Indian: Color of Orange is orange, but color of Apple is not APPLE

Indian1: I got a brand new Ford IKON for my wife!
Indian2: Wow!!! That’s an unbelievable exchange!!!

Judge: Don’t U have shame? It is the 3rd time U R coming to court..
Indian: U R coming daily, don’t U have shame?

Teacher: Which is the oldest animal in world?
Indian: ZEBRA
Teacher: How?
Indian: Bcoz it is Black & White



Two men, one American and an Indian were sitting in a bar drinking shot after shot.
The Indian man said to the American, “You know my parents are forcing me to get married to this so called homely girl from a village whom I haven’t even met once.’ We call this arranged marriage. I don’t want to marry a woman whom I don’t know or love. I told them that openly and now have a hell lot of family problems.”

The American said, “Talking about love marriages… I’ll tell you my story.”

I married a widow whom I deeply loved and dated for 3 years.. “After a couple of years, my father fell in love with my step-daughter and married her, so my father became my son-in-law and I became my father’s father-in-law.”

Legally now my daughter is my mother and my wife my grandmother. More problems occurred when I had a son. My son is my father’s brother and so he is my uncle.

Situations turned worse when my father had a son. Now my father’s son, my brother is my grandson. Ultimately, I have become my own grand father and I am my own grandson.. And you say you have family problems???

I hope you got the much deserved break for the moment.
Enjoy the rest of the day


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