Good people at the Airport

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Louisville, Kentucky
Monday, August 3, 2009Yasmeen and I missed the exit to the airport in Louisville and went around in circles to get back on the road again. I was really surprised at the poor signage at the airport from the back roads.

She dropped me off at the departure terminal at 6:57 and the plane was to take off at 7:10 and I ran from the door to the ticket counter. Even in my middle school I did not run that fast, I must have run fast like a disappearing shadow at sunrise. The lady at AA counter said I could not check the bag in it was too late. However, she agreed to let me carry it with the caveat that I am taking a chance. Gee, it took about a minute or two and then I took off…. and came to full halt at the security check. The announcement came on the radio, last call for boarding AA, Flight # 529 to Dallas.

I walked up to the lady who checks the Drivers license and the ticket and said, “I just heard the last call to the flight, would you let me in” … By God, ten men and women in the front line said “Go” in sync, and the lady said, if they let you, I will let you in. Then the chorus came back “Please go”. For a moment I did not know what to say and stood there like a dummy, they chorused again “Please go” and the lady said, they say you can go now. In those few short seconds, I recalled a scene from the movie crocodile Dundee, where the guy was passed on over peoples heads towards Kathleen Turner and they all said in Chorus “he says he loves you”.

Then I placed my things on the belt towards the scanner, the angel in front me, picked up my carrying bag and placed it in front of hers and said “Mike, please go”. She had heard my name at the check. Golly, it was such a beautiful experience!

Out of the scanner, I dashed for the 1000 meters again, before that, the scanner lady walked up and pulled two pens from my back pocket, which I had forgotten to speed up the process. Any way, I was on the run again, and about 100 meters down, the electric cart came, the lady stopped and said are you catching the flight to Dallas? Like a two year old, I shook my head in big agreement, she said hop in and out she drives… like a bat out of the hell with the siren and all and slams the breaks in front of the check in gate.

I was waking up from my dream, when the check in man saw my bag. I still had my waist belt over my shoulders, luckily the pants stayed on, thanks to Yasmeen for feeding me well. He smiled and said you are guilty aren’t you? The toddler in me could not disagree with him. He said “run” after he scanned my ticket in a jiffy.

There I was on the plane all excited and called Yasmeen, that is the first time in our relationship she probably did not understand a word I said and I did not know what I was saying either. The excitement from the good people was too much… every one from the ticket counter through ticket scanner was fabulous! God bless them all.

All that frustrations about poor road signage disappeared into thin Air.

Thanks to all of them and God for creating loving human beings all around with so much love.


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