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This is a list of my notes, as I have prepared one for each one of my 22 Blogs.
Many of them are listed on my other blogs,
this was my facebook companion,
however I write more on the facebook than here
__________________________________August (6)
Ground Zero Mosque Sean Hannity Radio Show & Mike …
Understanding Rumi
Unity church of Louisville, Kentucky
Muslim Ceremony in a Synagogue
Mosque – U.S. should stand on moral high ground
Moderate Republicans need to speak up

July (15)
No Sharia in America
Empowerment of Women on Radio 1220
Further activity in July
Unity Day USA – 6th Annual Event
Women; changing the society
Parliament of Worlds Religions in 2014
My Cow, my real story
Bottom line prayers-wishes
Standing up for Jews, Gays and Mexicans, why shoul…
FOX TV, Sean Hannity and Mike Ghouse about NASA to…
July 4th – what does freedom mean to you?
Sharia Laws in America
Sulha Joint prayers by Jews and Muslims
Burqa Ban – Hannity, Gabrielle and Ghouse on Fox T…

June (12)
Happy Fathers, Daughters and Sons day
Shape your life, you are the decider
Diversity is the standard
Helen Thomas
Pleasures of life
Jesus Cartoons
Gaza, Israel, Flotilla and consequences
Memorial day reflections
Ghosts, witches and Rohini
I wrote many things, but had not updated on this d…

May (3)
TODAY IS NATIONAL PRAYER DAY Let’s pray, reflect o…
National Prayer Day happenings on Thursday
Ghouse speaks at Dallas Immigration rally

April (12)
Honoring Imam Dr. Yusuf Zia Kavakci today
Khuda Hafiz Pakistan
Celibacy and Sex Scandals
Atheism on rise
Spring is here
Women, Saints, Rabbis, Imams and clergymen
Freedom of Religion in Japan
Doniger’s book on Hindu history – Factual errors
A tribute to Eliott Dlin
Religious Conversions
Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebrations
Holli, Milaad, Purim and Black History

February (19)
Feb 18, 2001 – My Mother embarked on her eternal j…
What about Muslim Brotherhood?
East v. West
Pictorial Report – Holocaust and Genocides
Facebook activity
Obama names Indian-American Muslim as special envo…
Happy President’s day
Happy Mahashiva Ratri
Valentines Day taking on a new meaning
weekending February 14, 2010
Snow in Dallas, Texas
Native American Heritage Day – corrospondence
Peace pledege
What is freedom?
New meaning of Dharma, Artha, Kaama, and Moksha
Can women be Imams:
India, communal conflicts and solutions
Balance in life
Mitigating communal conflicts

January (14)
How to live with corrupt people
Diversity is Ignorance – Swami Vivekanand
Haiti – held myself from crying
Ghouse speaks at Unitarian Universalist Church
Press Release on Holocaust and Genocides
Haiti and Earthquake
Palestine: Myths and Truths
Facbook dialogue – God, Jerusalem, Obama
Pluralism and Islam
Who Owns God?
Honoring Baker & Kallenberg
My Name is Mike Ghouse
Birthday today, not really
A Great Pluralist, Abdurrahman Wahid passed away.

December (36)
New year Reflections
Pluralism Goals for 2010
Neocons Redefined
The Gaza March
AVATAR – a movie about co-existence
Funeral and Wedding
McGriff_Hollie wedding
Quraan 2:62
250 Religious Symbols
My Books
Representing other religions
Religious communicators
Imam, Rabbi, Pastor, Pundit
A tribute to Jesus
National Public Radio
Parliament event
Obama’s Blunder
Ismaili Muslims
12 Apostles
Holocaust Museum
Musuem of Indigenouse People
Parliament 15
Parliament 14
Parliament 13
Parliament 12
Parliament 11
Parliament 10
Parliament 9
Parliament 8
Parliament 7
Parliament 6
Parliament 5
Parliament 4
Parliament 3
Parliament 2
Parliament 1

November (12)
Mike Ghouse to Speak at Parliament of Worlds Relig…
Eid Mubarak – happy eid-al-adha
Thanksgiving, an expression of gratitude.
Fort Hood – Allahu Akbar
The Dangerous Idea of Protecting Religions
Vande Mataram Conflict
Fort Hood Tragedy
Kashmir and Sanity
Fort Hood Massacre
Ean and Jan Sullivan
Sir Syed Day
Freedom should be free

October (14)
Dallas Morning News with Muslims
Diwali Messaage at the Hindu Temple
Dallas Peace Center Retreat
Dr. Ashis Brahma visits
Diwali Dinner in Irving
Yvonne Ridley in Dallas
History of Holocaust
So what if you don’t believe in God?
Religion in one sentence
Texas Rule of Law Conference
Diwali Vandana, Prayers and Greetings
A Humanitarian Forum on Gaza
Melbourne, Australia
Moses in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

September (6)
Mike on Fox TV tonite
Are we an Island?
3000 Muslims Pray at Capitol Hill
Religious Arrogance
Stereotyping Muslims and Jews
Bias against Jimmy Carter

August (4)
Happy Janamashtami
Humor for the day
Good people at the Airport
Dallas Neighborhoods

July (8)
Love is a wireless connection
Fact or Emotion?
Redneck woman on the plane
Happiness is independent of
Learning to receive
Jeff and Fern Wedding Pictures
Relationships – Sister
Free from Bias

June (3)
What is freedom?
Conservatives V Neocons
Placing the blame

May (5)
Momentous week of my life
Facebook and Religion
The American Bin Ladens
Love or Hate?
Unity Church, Richardson

April (10)
$600 New Car
Is your faith Superior?
Mike Ghouse, Bio
White Lies?
Finding the truth
My Headstone

March (7)
Ambassadors for Peace
Pluralism & Nationality
Happy Muslim Men
Human Rights, Islam & Muslims
Religion and Women
Romantic evening
Friends so many

February (7)
Facebook poem
Muslim Matrimonials
George V. Barry
Gay Lesbians
Israel-Palestine peace
Zionism and Judaism
My websites and Blogs

January (4)
Gaza Appeal Video
JFK Quote on Justice
Obamas interview in 1996 – my impressions
Gandhi on Jews & Middle-East

November (8)
Quraan is basic, hadith is supplementary
Hadith is supplementary to Quraan
Mike is not of Muslim lineage?
Preventing Christian from top spot
What is Pluralism
Is praying public or private?
Muslim country with Non-Muslim head?
Ghouse diary

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