Happy Independence day to India and Pakistan

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Each one of us is born free, and as we grow, we tie
ourselves with our culture, individualism, collectivism, religionism, pluralism,
regionalism, universalism, nationalism, bigotry and egalitarianism. The choice
is always ours to be free or remain bonded.

True freedom brings relief. If you are free from
anxieties, discomfort or fear of the other, then you are free. If you have won
over your anger, ill-will, jealous, hatred, and malice towards others, then I
wish you a real happy Independence Day, otherwise, happy Independence Day.
Pakistan celebrates her Independence today, and India
celebrates hers tomorrow.  Most of us are
free, but a few are not. I pray for the freedom of those Indians and Pakistanis
who are stuck in hate for the other.
18 Years ago, when I started the Asian News Radio in Dallas, my team played the Indian and Pakistani National songs from August 1 through 15th,
and every day for an hour, we shared about the culture, history, geography, films, folklore, foods,
cities and about the people of each country, of course Bangladesh, Nepal and
Sri Lanka were part of the program. We played folk songs from every region and
in every language.
The most important freedom comes from within.
Happy freedom

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