Romney digs his own grave

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Instead of figuring out how to get out of the labels, Romney digs in his heels and reaffirms that he is what people perceive him to be; a rich man for the rich by the rich.
Romney has gathered Bush people around him reaffirming his false belief that the Neoconism is good for America. Indeed, it was the Neocons who have screwed America badly with budget deficits, WMD’s and useless wars – The guys like Romney are all doing fine, it is the average American who is suffering; the one without a job, the one who has lost his home and the one who is losing his family members due to lack of insurance.
With Paul Ryan as his running mate, Romney has assured the Americans that he is Bush in Sheep’s clothing.
There is a huge Hispanic voter’s gap and Rubio was to give him a lift. Now Romney has effectively told the Hispanics, screw you, I can do without you.
It is not about rich or poor, it is a shame that Rich get to pay less than their proportionate share. Paying 14% of GAI is not right, while the average joe or mary pays 30%.
Romney is bombarded with his “don’t give a shit about poor” attitudes, with Paul Ryan, the man who wants to give a break to the rich, Romney has affirmed the belief that the average American does no matter to him.
He is on to a head on collision with Obama by not releasing his tax returns. He is no match for the communication skills of Obama – who is as good a communicator as Reagan and Clinton. Obama will laugh and throw Romney off the pedestal in the debates.
Picking Ryan is going into a self destruct operation.

I am a Republican, a moderate one, and hate to see an imbalance coming up in the house and senate. As an American I don’t like to see Democratic or Republican Party to have a monopoly in all the three branches of Government, it leads to bad and evil consequences, we need to preserve checks and balances.
We need to keep the simple majority of Democrats in the Senate, and slash the Republican majority in the house down to simple majority. Let the idiots fight it out, and bring the best for the Americans instead of slam dunking bills.
Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on the topics of Pluralism, Coexistence, politics, interfaith, Islam and cohesive societies. He is committed to building a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

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