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8:30 AM, August 4, 2009

I was in the Municipal Court of Judge Kaufman for a citation.

The Citation was for the trash placed in front of house that I take care of for a friend; the City had issued a citation for a penalty up to $1000.00.

However, I was visiting the property on my routine Sunday drive, and I called in the guys and the trash was removed the next day, the City Attorney produced the picture of the trash sitting in front of the house. The Judge dismissed the case as the trash was removed immediately.

After that, I praised the City for taking this action, as one of the former Neighborhood Commissioners of the City of Carrollton; I admire the action taken by the City; issuing the citation for trash on the street. This sure will improve the quality of neighborhoods and the perceived values. I asked the Judge if I could take the picture and he authorized me to do so for my blog. Here it is.

Mike Ghouse

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