Gaddafi and beyond; a challenge for the Neocons and Muslims alike

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Beyond Gaddafi; a challenge for the neocons and muslims alike

When I went on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show last week, we were to talk about Gaddafi’s call to Muslims to rise against the White people, here were my talking points.

Gaddaffi knew he has got a few days left, and as usual he wanted to fool the Muslims across the world to rise up by manufacturing an enemy that was not there. Who was he fooling? All the damned dictators and fascist live in a shielded bunker, their cohorts keep giving them false advise that they are in control, as if they are God eternal.
Gaddafi is deflecting the issue to take the pressure off, he is delusional.  If the SOB thinks he can get away from shooting his people, he is in for a treat; he will have to disgracefully run from his country. He simply needs to announce that he will bring genuine democracy where ever a Libyan has a choice to support who she or he wants to support freely. Qur’aan adds, there is no compulsion in the matters of faith, in this case faith in those who can provide them just governance. 
There are 12 nations that carry an Islamic label and are about to fall, one after the other from the hands of corrupt men in to the hands of people and through non-violence, civil disobedience and other peaceful means. The Right wingers have highlighted the actions of the few and push Muslims into a cage they did not belong. Muslims are freeing themselves from such imposed cages.
No doubt there will be chaos, but people can handle their own affairs well and out of chaos will emerge a fledgling governance of the people by the people for the people.  It is sheer arrogance to believe that they cannot, they said the same thing about India, Indonesia and several other nations.
It is a testing time for the right wingers in America, UK and Israel to open up and show if they really want democracies around or were they simply faking it and misleading the public through the American TV networks. The same goes to the monarchs and dictators.
I wish the Mossad and CIA were reliable intelligence agencies; they have cooked up and lied to please the bosses and the public. It gave me hopes that even Sean Hannity saw acknowledged that in one of our interviews.
Have they come with anything reliable from Iran to Afghanistan to Iraq and Egypt? They will be wrong again on the other nations and eventually on Pakistan. People can take only so much shit; they will revolt and those of us in America need to stand firmly and prepare the right-wingers to support the people movements; else, we are going to lose many of those nations to Russia or Iran. Militarily, we cannot fight in every nook and corner and go through another budget deficit and ruin our own country in attempting to ruin others. Our own interests should be a priority.
As a Muslim, I am thrilled to see an end to dictatorships and theocracies. Here is a challenge for Muslims; Prophet Muhammad did not have an Islamic Government during his time, it was more like pluralistic governance where the Jews, Christians and others were signatories to the Madinah pact, he has repeatedly said and demonstrated to treat all the people of the book (meaning following written guidelines) with respect and the Qur’aan says whether you are a Jew, Christian or other God will. We need to find the original document where the prophet may have signed it as Muhammad bin Abdullah as opposed to Muhammad Rasool Allah, as he had done in another peace treaty with Meccans.  
Mike Ghouse is a thinker, writer, speaker, futurist and an activist of Pluralism, Interfaith, Co-existence, Peace and Islam. He is a frequent guest at the TV, radio and print media offering pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. His work is reflected at three websites and 21 Blogs listed at

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