Freedom of Speech wins in case of Pastor Terry Jones V. City of Detroit

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of Speech wins in case of Pastor Terry Jones V.  City of Detroit.

Texas – September 3, 2013. 
Congratulations to U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood for upholding our
constitution and freedom of speech in a public place.  We also I congratulate Pastor Jones for
fighting for his constitutional rights. 
Even though I do not agree with Pastor Terry Jones hate for Muslims, I
would have defended his right to free speech in the public square.  That is the right thing to do.

of speech must be cherished, admired and defended at any cost. Ultimately truth
triumphs over everything and truth alone is sustainable.  The most important test of freedom is when
you are willing to stand up for other’s freedom.  Why should anyone stand up for you, if you
are not willing to do the same?

As Muslims and Americans we honor the
free speech guaranteed in our constitution. We say, let freedom of expression be
the rule to follow with no exceptions, we simply cannot go wrong.

the great things are born out of freedom; if the great reformers in Religious,
Social, Medical, Mathematical, and Engineering did not have the freedom to do
the right thing, none of us would have witnessed the good things we are
relishing today.

Page Hood agrees, “City of Dearborn’s (Ordinances) are declared unconstitutional
and are in violation of Plaintiff’s First Amendment rights.” We further agree
with Jones’ attorney Richard Thompson of the Thomas More Law Center in Ann
Arbor: “Judge Hood’s ruling upholds a bedrock principle of the First Amendment,
that government cannot inhibit the expression of an idea just because some find
the idea offensive.” Detroit

our constitution should win every time. It’s grounded in solid principles to
build a lasting society with liberty and justice for all.   In the long run every human wins with the
free speech.
Americans have stood up for free speech and will continue to stand by it. Here is a list of articles to be consistent.

Mike Ghouse

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