Egypt: Freedom at last

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The beautiful journey of the Egyptian People and their Celebrations – Pictures:
It’s one of the most beautiful days of my life; seeing a people get their freedom though non-violence and peaceful means. Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and folks like them must be smiling with approval.

CBS 11 –

Some of the joy-teary moments that I can recall are – release of Mandela, fall of the Berlin wall, Obama’s election night, Aung San Su Kyii’s release and Freedom at last for the Egyptian people. I have written extensively on the last two events.
As an American I am proud of my President for telling the people that they have a friend in America, and that was the right thing to say; to support the people, and that is what democracy is all about.
I wanted to be with the Egyptian people in their joy. This is also a historic moment in the Muslim Arab World – breaking the cycle of violence and achieving the goals through peaceful means.  I have written a lot about it and will share the links below including my advice to President Obama.
I sincerely wish the Jewish people join the Egyptians, and they will earn tremendous good will, I wish the few hawks understand emotions and feeling of people rather than itch for chaos and scheme to jeopardize things. I like to see an uprising of the Jewish people to have their government represent the Jewish Values. It will happen and the Jewish people are tired of the right wingers among them, just as Muslims, Christians and Hindus are tired of their right wingers, who spend time dismantling rather than building. I invite them to join the peace movements and their support will take the battles out of the world.
I was on three Radio Stations today; the KBOO 90.7 FM in Portland and Sean Hannity Fox Radio and have no idea who they were, they called and I talked.
A friend called and said the Egyptians are celebrating at Fadi’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Frisco; I drove right to it, talked with Abdulla the organizer a young fellow in his mid twenties. 
I was the only visible non- Egyptian look like in the Restaurant, all the TV cameras honed on me – Local Affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Telemundo… first interview was 4 microphones shoved in my face, then three more individual in each corner of the restaurant. There were more important things for them to report than my take, as they talked with a few Egptian women and I hope they show them, they had great things to say. Richard from Fox had done a few interviews of me in the past including the coverage of the Holocaust and Genocides event a few years back.
Invariably the asked why I was out there? Was I an Egyptian? The answer is simple I share their sentiments of jubilation and freedom, and the whole world is one family and certainly I feel that. I walked with nearly 5000 Mexicans and spoke to them at the rally down town, was in the rally in support of Gazans and stood up with Jews and GLBT against the hateful demonstration by Fred Phelps across the Holocaust Museum and the Synagogues. That is my sentiment, feeling part of the universal energy that we are all part of.
Any way, I have written way too much in the last week  and thank God, people won, Mubarak left, no blood shed took place and those whose life’s was a sacrifice in the process will be happy to know that their sacrifice was for the right purpose; freedom of the people.
I am glad to be a part of it.
The links my articles are at:
Mike Ghouse doing my share of building cohesive societies

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