Congressman John Lewis from Georgia’s 5th District

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Congressman John Lewis |

Monday, January 4, 2015 – Washington, DC — I walked into my favorite Chinese Restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue, and spotted Congressman John Lewis, and walked up to him, he was gracious and we carried a conversation. What a joy it was to have this accidental Dinner meeting. 

He is a good listener indeed, and listened to my narrative about speaking from the steps of Lincoln Memorial, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his ” I have a dream” speech which gave birth to the civil rights acts fulfilling the founding fathers vision that we are all created equal. 

We chose the same steps to deliver our speech, and our vision where Muslims will be accepted as equals and reach a new milestone of integration. 
He was happy to hear that as Muslims and Christians came together to celebrate once in our life time auspicious birth event of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad on Saturday, December 26th on the very steps where MLK spoke his dream.  The idea of the event was to come together to create a better America for every American. 
He said, he was in Atlanta during that time, and would have loved to join the event. We have many more events coming up this year and we will make sure to invite him.

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