Breakfast at McDonalds and John Conlee song

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… Signs of senior citizen are surfacing
in me, getting up at 4:30 in the morning is one of them. For the last three
days, I had the urge to eat pancakes, resisted it, as I did not want to add anymore weight , Yasmeen promised
my monthly quota of Paratha this Sunday, the Indian layered flat bread ( OK,
Pakistani Paratha, because she is one) with Chicken Curry, a Malaysian favorite
as well. 

Well the urge to eat Pancakes was irresistible, and
my scale showed me in my limits… 185 pounds! So I drove to McDonald’s at 5:04..
walked in and heard the country song.. its 5:04… I was taken back for the
coincidence.., I was the first and only customer till 5:45….then three fellow
seniors walked in, as I was walking out. 

They were playing old country… and I really like
that song… so many times my heart got broken… I am only it for the love ..I was
imagining myself ten years from now…. I had two pancakes, two hash browns (they
substitute sausage for hash brown), scramble eggs and biscuits… and of course
my favorite, McDonald’s coffee… darn the flavor and the aroma is delightful…
sometimes I just keep the cup with a lid open and in the car and smell it…
what do you do to enjoy your mornings?

I got this John Conlee song… got me going in the
morning…and playing and replaying it…

There’s something you got that really gets me going
It’s hard to believe the way the feelings growing
Let me say before my heart starts showing
I’m only in it for the love
Enjoy it…

Let me know if you like this song

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