Is this the America we want?

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We are pleased to release the final cut of the
trailer for the film, Americans
, Building a cohesive America. When complete, it will
reflect most aspects of Americans, and their trials and tribulations, hopes and
aspirations and their persistent pursuit of happiness. Whether you are a Native
American, immigrant or a great grand immigrant, you would be able to relate to
it.  We will weave a story into the film to appeal to the larger

Here is a trailer of the movie;
What difference will it make?
The famous story about a man walking on the beach picking the star
fish and releasing in the ocean comes to my mind. It did not make sense to an
observer watching it every day, so he asks the man, what difference does it
make by saving one, when thousands of them out dying on the beach every day?
The wise man replies, it made it to the one I released in the water, didn’t it?

In the 100 minutes film, we want to project the most critical issues we face as
a nation and possible solutions. Nothing will ever change if we do nothing
about it.

All issues are important, if we have to pick a few to fit in the time frame,
then we have to pass some, not because they are not important, but because we
have to hit ones that affect most of the population. That is our limitation.

It is a test for all of us, who would be involved as we move
forward to genuinely assess and value issues that are more significant than our
own? We will never be 100% right, but we can do the best we can.   
The first investment is camera and related equipment; you can see
the difference in quality of a few clips from the personal video and
professional video. To have the right equipment and get the right effect we
need the professional camera and paraphernalia. I need individuals to assist me
in DC, NY, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Miami and Dallas.
If you believe, the movie will become a contributor towards bringing a positive change in America, where every one can continue to live his or her life without apprehension, please support, and please contribute generously. Your
support will be listed at the website. You can donate any sum at
Thank you

Mike Ghouse
(214) 325-1916
America Together Foundation
Dallas, Texas 

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