Policy on Egyptian Brotherhood and the United States

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Far too long we have
been unduly influenced and harassed by a few conservatives among us, and their
policies have brought disastrous results both at home and abroad. Neither do we
have to go off the ozone layer with the liberals nor have to stay within the
narrow circle; there is a way, the middle way that can bring good sustainable results.

 We need to remember that diplomacy is about
finding solutions through dialogue. Humans dialogue because they are endowed
with the ability to talk; animals are bent on annihilating each other, because
the only thing they got is the muscle and the horns.
I will be on Sean
Hannity Radio Show today, it is a national broadcast and you can find your
local station at: http://www.hannity.com/stations.
The talk is about the Muslim
Brotherhood. He and I have been arguing about the need to talk with the “enemy”
even if they were terrorists, “you talk with the ones you make peace with”  said Mother Theresa and not with your
Of course the
short-sighted ones (aka the right wingers) will be screaming loud, as if, it is
the end of the world. They will gang up and pull all their support systems to
push the United States government to reject the duly elected president Dr.
Mohamed Mori.

We have made many mistakes in the Middle East, three among them are;
Not recognizing the duly
elected Hamas as representatives of the people of the Palestine. Had we done
that, we had a chance to huddle with them and work towards a sustainable
solution. Instead we rejected them, causing both Israel and Palestinians to dig
in their heels. That was a major diplomatic failure on our part.  (many article at this link – http://peaceforisrael.blogspot.com/2007/11/annapolis-include-hamas.html)

Obama’s biggest blunder
was rejecting the statehood to the Palestinians – it would have helped the
Jewish people anchor their hopes by dealing with a state and accepting the otherness
of others, paving a way for Jews to, once again become who they were once;  a people committed to justice, and would have
given hope to Palestinians. Obama blew it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNYmI6MlhZw

Israel made the gravest
mistake by urging the United States to stand with Mubarak, alienating the
people of Egypt. Their short sightedness is incredible; their administration
simply does not get this that the deal is between people of Egypt and people of
Israel and not between Netanyahu and Mubarak. Neither leader should make
irresponsible statements to jeopardize what is good.
Now, it is time for us
to recognize the Brotherhood without reserve, bring them to the table and
develop lasting solutions based on dignity and respect to the people who chose
Dr. Mohamed Mori. It is respecting the wishes of the people.
Mike Ghouse is committed
to building cohesive societies. www.MikeGhouse.net

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