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Please consider sending a fax to your congress person and the senator, and I just did. To find your representative go to

Congressman Kenny Marchant: fax: 202-225-0074
Congressman Mark Veasey: fax 202-225-9702
Senator Ted Cruz: fax 202-228-0755
Senator John Cornyn: fax 202-228-2856

I am a Republican and I don’t want to be responsible for wrecking my country, I elected you to do the best for us collectively, and now you have betrayed us. All I ask of you is to reconsider your decision.

You may agree with me if you put politics aside, that the affordable care act is the best thing for me, you and many of our fellow Texans. Our system is not about me, me and me; it is about us, taking care of each other when are vulnerable. You and I, and our relatives and friends are as vulnerable to health risks as any one else. We are not invincible.

I had a heart attack two months ago and have a huge bill to pay, I was not getting insurance coverage for the preexisting conditions or I had to pay over $800.00/month. Thanks to the ACA, I just got the insurance for $380/month after the heart attack and an impending quad pass surgery. It’s not about me; I can afford $380/month, but millions are out there who cannot afford even $200/month if you mess with the ACA.

Please call in John Boehner and offer your support to support the budget of the President. He is elected by the people just like you, and it behooves for you to respect him, as you expect us to respect you. John McCain said it right, the ACA was approved by the two houses, signed by the President, and ratified by the Supreme Court, what else do you want?

Our State has the highest number of un-insured, and don’t know how many have died for lack of funds for medical care, and yet, we are letting one of our senators wreck the ship, that is America.

ACA is the law of the land and I do not want to see you, my congressman to break the law of the land. I will hold you responsible. Let’s move one and not let Cruz rape our nation with you as an accomplice. Mike
Ghouse is a Moderate Republican and is a speaker, thinker and a writer on the topics of Pluralism,
Coexistence, politics, interfaith, Islam and cohesive societies. He is
committed to building a cohesive America and offers pluralistic
solutions on issues of the day.


It’s a plot for a good movie – the villain Ted Cruz tries to rape the girl, and John Boehner the hero rescues her and turns her over to father Obama.

Cruz is like a toddler throwing tantrum for the candy at the store, he called on the 38 some tea partiers to not vote for Presidents Budget. The old saying, the evil persists not because of the 38 Republicans, but because the good Republicans did nothing to stop the man.

John Boehner is doing his best; he is in between a rock and a hard place. It’s time for him to take a bold stand and take leadership back that was derailed by the extremists from within the Republican Party. If you divide the party, you have no future in it.

Ted Cruz figures, he has nothing to lose, so he wrecks the ship, in the process he strengthens his own base for the future presidency – one must be out of his mind to vote for this man, who does not care about America or any one, it is all about him; Ted Cruz and we should not let him get by with his shenanigans. 2018 Is not far to nail him.

Ted Cruz does not have solutions – Obama has pulled the economy from the worst situation, the unemployment is down to 7.2% and things are on the way to sail smoothly. If we default on the debt, the United States will lose the trust it has built over 200 years for meeting her obligations. Economy will tank…

Let’s get back on the track and to the right thing; support our president.

Mike Ghouse


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