Hobby Lobby and the you people

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Hobby Lobby, and the You People.

“You People” is the most disgusting phrase one uses to expresses his or her
hate or ignorance towards other people. Grammatically, it is the goofiest usage
of the phrase to call you people to a single man or a woman.

In 2005, someone accused a Jewish individual at the Dallas
City Hall, as ‘you people’ – thanks for my outrage, not only Dallas Morning
News published it in the letters, but others jumped in too to express their

Bad things happen because good people do nothing about it, if we even a
molecule of Good in us,  we need to speak
up and do something about it.

The African Americans, Jewish, Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, Hispanic,
Arabs, and other people are used to these phrases. It’s humiliating. Same thing
happens to a white person in an all Asian or African American neighborhoods,
why he or she is here, and the stares that go with it, and it’s not a
comfortable feeling.

The act of Hobby Lobby store was not acceptable in a civil society, “We
don’t cater to you people
” was the response a Jewish person received when
asked for Hanukkah trinkets. The TGIF restaurant employee relished feeding a
piece of bacon to a Muslim woman, what will do you do, if you were served the
ribs, and you learn that it was dog meat while eating?   We need
to condemn this to prevent it from happening again.  We all want an America where none of us have
to live in fear or apprehension of the other.

We should take one of the three actions; 1. Demand what you people means 2.
Complain to the Supervisor and 3. Call the News Media. In the long run,
education is the way to go. We, all of us are conditioned to believe what we
see – and shamefully we judge the entire group of people for the actions of a
few.  Cleaning begins with us.

Let me warn you with the reverse bias – you are dead wrong to think that it is
the white people who mistreat the minorities, hell no; we all are equally
guilty of it.  It’s the 1/10th
of 1% of the people in each group, be it religious, ethnic, racial or other who
are intolerant and bigots, and you will find the same percentage of bigots in
every group including yours, White, Black, Hispanics, Indians and others.

Now some of us can stop by at Hobby Lobby, and ask them if they have items to
celebrate Hanukkah, Ramadan, Ramnvami or whatever festival that we can talk
about.  Not that we expect them to have,
but how they respond to it.  Would they respect
me as a customer if I were Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Black or Hispanic.  If not, do I have the right to report to them,
so they don’t mistreat others?

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on the topics of
Pluralism, Coexistence, politics, interfaith, Islam and building a cohesive
America, and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. details at www.MikeGhouse.net

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