A letter to my Prime Minister Shri Modi by Janab Ali Khan

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A letter to my Prime Minister Shri Modi by Janab Ali Khan
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to Mr. Ali Khan for writing a thoughtful letter to the next  Prime
Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. As usual one of our right
wingers,  a Kiran Mehta see faults in it. Sadly,  
the hardcore right and left are incapable of seeing another point of
view but tearing up others – and of course their freedom must be valued
without having to agree. In a democracy, the best thing to do is respond
with a better answer. 

So, here is my response to Kiran Mehta’s five questions (at the very bottom of this entire note);

He said, very few people – that is Muslims of India, have the honor and
privilege of choosing their home land – compared to the 80% Hindu
majority who did not have that option of choosing.

He said, the new government will allow me to express my feelings of
patriotism in my own language – that is Jai Hind, as opposed to Modi’s
language he contrasted Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Muslims, Dalits, Christians and other do not want any appeasements,
handouts or favors, all they want is to have equal opportunities, access
and equal say. Thank God India is a democracy that allows every one the
freedom to speak  of which you and I are beneficiaries.

He addressed the specifics – to be treated like an Indian as guaranteed
in the constitution, but the right wing elements of India cannot see an
India together, like the goon Giriraj, who does not treat other Indians
as equals. Ali did the right thing by asking questions, that is the
right of every citizen.

Yes, Indian electorate has chosen development, and Muslims, Christians
and Dalits have also chosen Modi in the same percentages as the Hindus. 
Modi has the best answer for your question, he said, “whether you voted
for me or not, I represent you, and I am your prime Minister’.

Ali Khan letter must be admired, and I do hope that Mr. Modi invites
him to the inauguration and gives him a hug and assures him that every
Indian is his Bhai or Behan as he has repeatedly said.

What Ali
Khan did was fulfill the duty of a responsible citizen to point out the
flaws, so India can be flawless, that is Patriotism and we need to
reward this guy for writing such a letter. Indeed, a true patriotic
Indian is the one who takes the responsibility to tear down the
government policies, if they are wrong, no matter who they are, God,
Gandhi, Pundit Nehru or Narendra Modi.
More about Narendra
Modi at my website site MikeGhouse.net.  I am getting convinced Modi is
the right man to shape India’s rejuvenated destiny, when I read the
letters like this.

Mike Ghouse
Dallas, Texas

A letter to my Prime Minister

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