A Dark Day in the history of India

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The briefing was held at Capitol Hill on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 – Organized by the Indian American Muslim Council. Videos and a few pictures are at the bottom

I hope all Indian-Americans who wanted to be treated equally and justly in America, want the same for the Indians in India.

Who does not want the best for India? Every Indian wants the best for India; the world’s largest democracy. It is in the interests of all civilized nations to rise on the civilizational ladder to respect the human rights and honor religious freedom of all individuals.

Right after Independence in 1947, the free people of India chose to be a civilized nation, and the consent of the people was the driving force. We chose to be a secular democracy and now,  we have faltered.

Today, it is a sad day in the history of India; the current government fell into the pit of discrimination. I hope the Indians, all Indians, stand up against the new rule passed by the parliament and the Rajya Sabha. If we don’t stand up, all of us will come to regret the dark abyss and the consequential chaos we will fall into. At this time, the current Indian government has passed the discriminatory, uncivilized, shameless Citizens Bill in both the houses.

The bill gives automatic citizenship to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Christians, and Buddhists who were in Indian prior to 1984 and don’t have the documents, but exclude Muslims to have the same rights.  How ugly can anyone be for such blatant discrimination? Would any Hindu American Indian tolerate such discrimination in America?

Now we have to look up to the Supreme Court of India for justice for Indians.

We can right the wrong we have done.  A decade ago, the people of California had overwhelmingly passed a referendum to deny health care for children of undocumented families – the Supreme court went entirely against it. India can learn from the United States. You can count on equal justice from the Supreme Court of the United States and I hope we can do the same with the Supreme court of India. But more than the Supreme court, it should be the demand of all Indians that we should be treated justly and equally. That is the right Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Sikh thing to do.

The current Indian government (different from India) has made a series of economic and social blunders. Highest unemployment in 45 years, declining reserves, corruption (Government Contracts to friends)  It has all the makings of a civil war, and possible genocide in Kashmir, if we don’t stop India from where it is being led to, all we see is a disaster for all. Those who disagree, they have that right, but finding the truth is also their responsibility.

India is treading on a dangerous path of one-person rule, and it would be a significant loss to America and all the democratic nations on the earth if India went fascist.

Next time around, I hope we will not give any political party more than 51% of representatives in either house, that will save our democracy.

I hope every Indian-American who wants to be treated equally and justly in America wants the same for the Indians in India.

Here is a panel of the speakers; their full speech is in the video.

Dr. Gregory Stanton, Genocide watch | Gregory, laid out the 10 points that lead to genocide. I had warned this on 8/13/19 in a public IRF meeting with Amb. Sam Brownback.

Dr. Angana Chatterjee, professor, UC Berkley | She talked about the gross human rights violations in Kashmir, and the dangers of the new citizen’s bill passed today.

Raqib Naik, Kashmiri Journalist | He gave the statistics of the crimes committed on behalf of the current Indian Govt.

Niranjan Takle, journalist | He shared the criminal acts of Amit Shah, how he had Supreme Court Judge Loya killed and how he had faked the encounter killings. The USCIRF has already recommended sanctions placed on Amit Shah.

Aakashi Bhatt, Sanjiv Bhat’s daughter | She narrated the falsities of the state government of Gujarat in placing her father, Sanjeev Bhatt, in jail for telling the truth. Indeed, I am putting a profile of Modi together, he is predictable – Sanjeev Bhat was right – Modi gave the mobsters three days to finish the job (kill as many Muslims as they can), and you can see that pattern in all his dealings.  A profile of Modi is in the making.

Teesta Setalvad, Human rights | She talked about democracy going down the tube.

Wa’el Alzayat, eMgage | He spoke about the US losing India as a bulwark against dictatorships and communism, which was articulated in the petition we presented to the Ambassador Brownback, the State Department, and the president back in October.

I hope all Indian-Americans who wanted to be treated equally and justly in America, want the same for the Indians in India.

Full video-I  https://www.facebook.com/Dr.MikeGhouse/videos/10162744170065249?d=n&sfns=mo


Rest of the video – 2


A few pictures



Niranjan Takle – who exposed the crimes of Amit Shah

Aakashi Bhatt and Dr. Stanton

Ghouse, Niranjan, Aakashi and Naik

AAkashi Bhatt and Mike Ghouse

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