Finally, I am a part of an Indian Group

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In Dallas, Texas, my hometown for 37 years, I was deeply involved with many associations including; President of the Coyote Ridge Home Owners Association, President of North Texas Cricket Association, President of a Condominium Association, Commissioner at the City of Carrollton, Board member of Memnosyne Foundation, Dallas Peace Center, Home Builders Association, and a life member in many organizations including India Association of North Texas, and International Hindi Samiti.

When I moved to DC – I joined the boards of a few associations but have remained focused on the development and establishment of the Center for Pluralism. However, I was seriously looking to join an association of Indians. Finally, I found NCAIA to be the right place for me. It represents the diversity of India and the pluralistic ethos of the members, i.e., inclusive attitude.

Here is a video that exemplifies India’s pluralistic ethos –

I am happy to be a part of NCAIA, and I hope to do my share of work towards its success in bringing the community together.

I invite fellow Indian-Americans to join the organization. We have a lot of things planned, including a meet and greet event on December 14 at 5:30 PM in Silver Spring, MD. If interested, please send an email to

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