Why Should Muslims Condemn Terrorism?

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Let’s think through this.

Are you responsible for the New Town school shooting, Denver Theater shooting, Orlando Shooting, Wisconsin Shooting or any shooting?

Each year you can count on hundreds of mass shootings, that number was 355 last year. Huffington Post

As an American, did you apologize for those shootings? Who would you apologize to? We are all Americans and a small percent of us are killing each other. Did each one of the 322 Million Americans apologize? If not, why not?

My proposal: No American Muslim should apologize for the acts he or she did not commit.

It is time we quit acting like outsiders and doubtful Americans. Indeed, we are confident Americans and this is our home and this is our land, and we are as patriotic as anyone, and no one has the right to question my patriotism, but if I break the law, I should be nailed.

All those criminals are same, they are there to harass, bully and hurt you. They are on their own. If a rapist enters your home forcibly, you don’t ask his religion, you chase him and hunt him down and knock him out.  Do Christians, Jews, Hindus, or White, Black, Hispanic or Vietnamese Americans let go of the rapist if he were to say he is a Christian, Jews or…. ? Hell no!  Neither Muslims will let go if he says he is a Muslim. If he is a terrorists, Muslims would be the first one to turn him in to the FBI.

As Americans we cannot live in shadows, we are not second class citizens and we should not take this crap any longer, we have to put an end to these accusations.  I don’t want to apologize for the acts I did not commit. If you want me to apologize, I will give you the list, and each one of the 322 Million Americans has to apologize for each one of the 355 mass murders last year, fair enough?

If I murder someone, my heinie needs to be hauled off.  Don’t be stupid enough to buy my piss poor excuse that my religion made me do it, or plead insanity. If you do, you are too dumb or you were born to hate others anyways, and were simply waiting for an excuse to light up the hate in you for others. Wake and have common sense.

If I were the Police Chief, I would have said to that creep, “You SOB, you murdered the innocent people, and I am not stupid to buy your excuses, I know your religion did not tell you to kill a single soul, don’t give me that bull anymore, you did it, and you are going to pay for it. If you have accessories, we will hunt them down and punish them as well.”   End of the story.

In the same breath I would have said to Fox News heads, “In New York, where your studio is located, you had 242 Murders last year and 1,037 rapes, shall I say to Sean Hannity, “You are a murderer and a rapists?”  Would you buy that? No matter which group you belong to, there are always a few bad guys in your group.

We must condemn every act of terrorism, but what we should not pick and choose, nor should we demand others to apologize.  Bad guys are bad guys and deserve to be punished per the law of the state.

Blaming the religion is the dumbest thing some of these talking heads do. What the hell can you do to a religion? It is an intangible, you cannot slaughter, kick, hang, beat, shoot or bury it, then why bark at it? On the other hand if we blame the individual, we can punish the individual and restore justice and order in the society, and that is what we all want, doesn’t it?

It is time we change the narrative. If an American Muslim kills another American, that is his problem, and the responsibility of the state is to nail his ass, and not even look at other Muslims for answers. Punish the criminal spare the innocent.

Reference: What if Boston Terrorist is a Muslim?

Mike Ghouse

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