Who are the Rebels in Libya, my talking points on Hannity

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Who are the Rebels in Libya, my talking points
Mike Ghouse on Hannity Show.

The commanders are having difficulty identifying the Gaddaffi loyalists, as all of them are in civil clothing.
The intelligence sources are finding an easy way out to “guess” Al Qaeda and Hezbollah among rebels.

President Reagan’s wisdom echoes in my ears, “Trust but verify,” we need to quit guessing and blunder as we did with WMD and Iraq. 

If we cannot aim target Gaddafi, we should not fire.
Caution is preferable to blind shooting; we are not there to shoot, but there to protect the civilians from the massacre. 
Throwing Gaddafi is the responsibility of the Libyans and not ours, we are there to prevent a massacre and NOT to fight for them.

It would be wrong for us to take the responsibility and deprive the Libyans the freedom they would have earned, cherished and worked to preserve it. They should own their freedom; it is theirs to be had. We should be no more than a catalyst.

We need to demand the NATO commander to produce verifiable information to be certain that Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are with the rebels. We should not simply be nincompoops to buy what is dished out. The media needs to question every thing to the point of harassment. Truth is more important.

The usage of the phrase Allahu Akbar, which is God is great is common among Muslims, the Al-Qaida Gang uses it and it is used when the Green bay Packers won the super bowl.  When your Jewish friends little girl kicks the goal in soccer, Allahu Akbar is said out loud.
Muslims routinely use the words like Allahu Akbar to appreciate things and not necessarily as a battle cry. They seek refuge in a higher power. In the Libyan context, it simply means God is great, Gaddaffi is not.
It does not mean they are Al-Qaida or Hezbollah; there are rumors that Israel is helping Gaddaffi with mercenaries as well. None of this must be believed blindly.

Neither CIA nor Mossad had inkling about it, and whatever they mustered to cook up, they did. Even the day before Mubarak resigned, their information was not accurate. 

President Reagan had called the same Al-Qaeda Mujahedeen, the heroes; they were paid by us to fight the Russians. In case of Libya, they people are battling with Gaddaffi for freedom.

President Reagan’s missile nearly missed Gaddaffi, why can’t we focus on getting this one guy out… just this guy out; every one of his loyalists will disperse once the chief is gone.
We have an opportunity to regain our dignity we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan by targeting the civilians; we have to be an example to the world in civility. We should resist all the temptations to act like them, trigger happy.  
Mike Ghouse

Freelance jihadists’ join Libyan rebels

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