What Should Be The Indian Muslims Priority ?

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This is in reference to the article about Rich Muslims blowing their monies on Hajj and Umrah.

Of course, priorities change with time. At this time, the focus for Muslims in India should be “Security” and not 2nd Hajj or Multiple Umrah.

The average Muslim feels very insecure. In the early ’70s, Dr. Abdul Qader practiced medicine in Hebbal, a suburb of Bangalore – Communal Riots broke out, and his car and the house were set on fire. Then he moved to my town Yelahanka and went out of the way to care for poor patients. Yelahanka was always a secure place for Muslims. My father was a Mayor of a town of 20,000 with a Muslim population of 250 in the early ’50s. When Babri Masjid was destroyed, several Hindu boys surrounded my family home to protect family.

Now, Muslims everywhere feel insecure. They are afraid to walk alone on the streets, afraid to carry groceries home. They are afraid of building a business and a lovely home, not knowing when the goons will destroy them, and are scared to send their daughters to college. We can’t accept this situation.

I know my Muslim friends don’t like to read this, but the purpose of Hajj was to bring humility to one, for one to learn to feel equal with God’s creation – the fellow humans shed the arrogance and care for fellow humans.

I seek forgiveness from Allah for saying it is wrong to do Multiple Hajjs and Umra’s. Unless we speak, we will be led by the Pied Piper ulemas. I hope they give a Fatwa on this.

Doing Hajj appears to be show business; here in the US, when one decides to go to Hajj, it is a big show, everyone will know about it, and he/she is offered dinner in various homes. They are so proud of doing Hajj several times; they must be real sinners to go so many times to seek forgiveness each time.

One time Haj is good, and one Umra is good. If they do more, can they do it without broadcasting it? Can they spend the money on Good causes instead? Allah will reward them more if they care for fellow beings than blow money on Hajj and Umra.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) clarifies to his associates who will earn Allah’s grace – the man who cares for his neighbor or the one who prays every minute of the day? The answer must be good enough for these Muslims, and I hope the Saudi government denies visas to anyone for the 2nd Hajj or 2nd Umra, and the local community shames them instead of giving them dinner. Please do not invite me to such dinner parties, and I will speak out. Instead, I will ask them to donate to the Association of Indian Muslims of America, an organization run by Kaleem Kwaja, directly helping the people in need in India.

The priority for Muslims is finding security in the most challenging time in their history after the 1492 episode in Spain. We need to spend that money on building relationships. The majority of Hindus are good people, and we need to strengthen our bonds with them, while a small percentage of them continue to be terrorists. Good Hindus have started speaking up, and we must do our share. https://theghousediary.com/good-hindus-must-speak-up/ Indeed, they are talking now.

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