What are friends for?

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I urge you to have a heart to heart, one on one with your spouse and children, friends and fellow workers frequently, knowing that the person cares and “listens uninterrupted” is healing in itself. This last week, a friend committed suicide, shot himself in the car in a parking lot…. It has made us all think through the precariousness of life. How difficult must it have been for him to bear the pain, anxiety or depression to have shot himself…

  You are tagged because you do your share of listening and being there for your friends,  and I just wanted to share what was gonig through my mind this morning. I was thinking about this friend, he has been a part of the Unityday program, and he was on my dial list to call… but I never got around to do that.. and when I heard the news, I said to myself, damn me for not calling him…he and I have talked for at least 15 minutes whenever we tallked. Sometimes, people talk to you even if you are not a close friends, but if they sense you care.

Some 20 years ago, a Boys Scout parent, was anxious, I noticed that and talked to him on the Sunday Scout meeting to meet with him the following week… on Monday evening we waived at each other at a stop sign… then on Tuesday, he hung himself in his home. I have come to regret that fairly frequently; it was so difficult for his son who was a boys scout mate of my son… And now, when I trace anxiety with a person whom I know, I make an effort to set that as a priority to listen to the person.

Every year for the last five years, while wishing well on festivals and holidays, As a part of my personal share of responsibility to the well being of fellow beings, I give out my phone number, for the ones among us to call, and thank God a few do, and it feels good to do my share of work.  If you  want to just talk to someone, please feel free to call your friend and ask them to listen…for at least 5 minutes,  or you can call me.

Thank you
Mike Ghouse
(214) 325-1916

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