What about Muslim Brotherhood?

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Some one tagged me on a photo posted by them.
– You heard of Al-Qaeda?
– You heard of Lashkar-e-Tayabba?
– You hears of Simi?
– You heard of Shiv Sena?
– You heard of Bajrang Dal?
– You heard of Naxalites?
– You heard of ………….
– You heard of Red Brigade?
– You heard of Tamil Tigers?
– You heard of RSS?
– You heard of IRA?
– you heard of Irgum?
– you heard of settlers in Israel?
They are not religious at all, none of their religions would permit them to do what they do.
They are loose cannons, and  come in all religions,  races and nationalities
Muslim brother hood is their carbon copy.
Where ever you find the above,
you find trouble…
The are all the same, frightening people, creating false information and wanting to kill others.
Mike Ghouse

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