Feb 18, 2001 – My Mother embarked on her eternal journy

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I shared a longer note with my family members
and thanks to Tanveer, he has updated with exact timings.
Also posted on facebook and am overwhelmed with the responses:
Mike Ghouse :: NINE YEARS AGO THIS DAY, I was admiring her beautiful angelic face, she had tied all the loose ends of life before departing on her eternal journey, she was free and had peace written all over her face. Thank you Mom, I will do my best to tie the loose ends of my life and be free. I love you.

The following friends share their thoughts;

Lubi  Lubna
may Allah bless her soul ameen.

Brijmohan Sharma
with tears and love…May the Lord, The God..The Allah bless her soul.. Ameen…

Yossi Lopez-Hineynu
May the Beloved bless your dear mother’s soul, my friend

Jeremy Jones
May her memory be a source of strength, her teachings a source of wisdom, her legacy a son who spreads kindness. I am thinking of you, chaver


Prativa Thomas
I was in India on 25th Jan 2010 – my mother’s 5th death anniverssary. I can fully empathise with you!
God Bless

Ajay Santokh Ram
mike ghouse sahib , scanning your photographs …lovely ..
you are at peace with yourself ..your wife is happy in your company ..
i don’t know your birth place .. but in your previous birth you were a saint ( hindu ) ::: your statements flow from agya chakra and are full of serenity and luv ..::
keep it up big brother .

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk
Mike, it was wonderful being with you tonight. I didn’t know the importance of this evening (or morning) for you until I checked facebook just now. Having lost my Dad in January 7yrs ago, I understand what you are feeling. May your mother’s spirit continue to guide your heart and her wisdom speak directly to your soul. When we listen to those now … See Morepassed, we welcome them into a new kind of intimacy wherein their strength fuels our own, allowing us to “see” what we might not otherwise receive as our own conception…but in a dance of awareness, we can still learn, widening the illumination they gave to us. Your mother and your father would both be proud that they planted seeds inside you that have grown into a man capable of standing for his own beliefs, devoted more to integrity than his own ego, and whose altruisim ignites in others the realization of a shared humanity. I know I for one, am proud to know you, Mike.

Mike Ghouse

– Rebekah, Irum, Pd, Libra, Rawina, Sakri, Pratiba and Lubi, thanks for feeling the energy of love. I really appreciat it.
– Brij Mohan, Yossi, Jeremy, Prativa and Ajay, your words are heartfelt and I appreciate it very muich. Prativa thanks for sharing about your mother, may her soul be blessed.
– Ajay, I was born in Bangalore, India, Thank you for the words of wisdom, I love the energy of caring and loving the sianst emanate and hope to catch is as much as I can.
– Mary Ann, thanks for sharing about your Dad, indeed my mothers spirit continues to guide me, one wisdom she pumped in me was, control your self, life would be easy, I am motivated by all the times.
– Mary Ann, thanks for the dinner, it was good being with you and the group laughing our hearts out. I am tempted to believe that you and I were related in a previous birth, either your were my daughter or a older sister or perhaps a mother, that is the halo of you that touches me…. See More
– I am blessed and greatful for every one. I closed my evening last night with a universal prayer and gratitude to my mother. Thank you.
2 hours ago ·Angie Buchanan
Mike – you are living my favorite quote.
“Rather than grieve the absence of flame, let us celebrate how brightly it burned.”
Peace to you my friend.
What is remembered lives.

S Farman Ahmad Naqvi
Mike, A wise human being always remains strong; MOTHER is such a wise human being given to all of us which always gives strength whether she is with you or her great memories.
about an hour ago ·

Nora Cedarwind Young
and the forms change, but the circle of life remains..
about an hour ago ·

Suzanna L Brown    Amina Akram    Majeed Akhtar    Nusrat Bokhari    Rebekah Nussbaum    Irum Khan    Pd Lyons    Libra Love Johnson    Rawinah Ranarty    Prativa Thomas    Sakri Zakaria    Lubi Lubna
I was admiring my mothers beautiful angelic face, sitting right next to her bodyat our home in Yelahanka.I was blessed to say thank you to her 12 hours before she passed away.
She had tied all the loose ends of life before departing on her eternal journey, she was free and had peace written all over her face. That is the one of the biggest lessons of my life; to tie the loose ends. I have always felt good about that, thanks to her for calling on Saturday morning around 9:00 AM, Jeff, Mina and Najma were right next to me and I was crying like a baby and I am glad I did.
I was home in less than 24 hours, Farooq did not come to Bangalore Airportto pick me up, no one was answering the phones, it wasmidnight, I knew it and reached home around 5:00 AM.
Well, I will say my prayers and go to sleep now.
Thank you Ammi.

Assalaam-o-Alaikum Chan Mamu,

Exact details are not important but the remembrance is crucial.

Saturday 17th Feb 2001 08:00PM IST was the Final Call Time you talked with Ji-Ammi. You were asking her to wait until you are in india and she was responding it will be difficult for her to wait. And she was happy to talk to you.

She knew her time had come. She was telling Chote Mamu (Farooq) to get her out of the hospital and take her home. Mom and Pyare Mamu (Shan) were there with her until 05:30AM IST 18th Feb 2001, just little after the Call(Azaan) for the Fajr Prayer when she was given some milk to drink.

That was when she breathed her last.

You reached Bangalore around 03:00AM IST 19th Feb 2001 and reached home at 05:00AM IST 19th Feb 2001.

She was buried at 02:30 PM IST 19th feb 2001.

Khuda Hafiz,



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