TIME – Exclusive Interviews with Narendra Modi: ‘We Are Natural Allies’

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Two Interviews with Modi on TIME | www.TheGhouseDiary.com 

I am pleased to share the following two interviews of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with my own comments. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most difficult persons to understand, I connect with him, and I could have written this interview in his behalf, he speaks the right words in building  a cohesive India.  He has all the ingredients to make a great leader of India. Thanks to the great visionary Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru to preserve and pass on a great stable  secular pluralistic democracy to us while other nations are stumbling. Now Modi can take this nation further.

 There is however a major disconnect between his words and actions, and his eerie silence towards negative forces that are tearing the cohesive fabric of India do not match his words. He had it right when he said, focus on prosperity and not religion, but he has not done anything to stop his team from focusing on religion. 

His dream, and the dream of every Indian to see a successful India will be short circuited, if the bus he is riding on has a few tires that have low air pressure causing the whole bus (nation) to slow down and reduce the chances of a safe journey, he has got to take the action.  He cannot ask those tires (Dalits, Muslims, Christians) to fill up themselves to be on par with the other tires of the bus, unless all the passengers come together to uplift the ones in ditches the journey will not be safe, secure and assured.  

If Modi can work on creating an India where no Indian is apprehensive of the fellow Indian, then he will become the second greatest leader in shaping India and I am with him, all I ask of him is to speak up to bring fruition to his own words.

Modi has the unprecedented power; all he has to do is speak up. Tell the Bhagwatis, Sadhvis and the others to shut up or take a hike, it will do it. But will he do it? I hope he does and realize his own dream and the dreams of a 1.27 Billion Indians.

He has to follow it up with the action to implement – that every Indian will have equal access to justice, education, employment, loans, housing, work, health care and retirement, and that every Indian is free to breath, eat, drink, wear and believe whatever the hell he or she wants to. 

Interviews at: http://nabsites.net/demo/time-exclusive-interviews-with-narendra/

Mike Ghouse prays for Modi to bring his words and actions together. Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on PluralismIslamIndiaIsrael-PalestinePoliticsand other issues of the day. He is a human rights activist, and his book standing up for others will be out soon | He is producing a full feature film ” Sacred”  and a documentary “Americans together” .  He is a frequent guest commentator on Fox News and syndicated Talk Radio shows and a writer at major news papers including Dallas Morning News and Huffington Post. All about him is listed in 63 links at www.MikeGhouse.net and his writings are at www.TheGhousediary.com – Mike is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

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