The Real Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey

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This article is worth reading, it highlights a weakness among Muslim leaders to lean towards dictatorship, an apparent deficiency in their faith in God, that they do not consider God to be supreme and start elevating themselves to be God like.

 Qur’an is crystal clear; you cannot force any one to believe in what they don’t want to believe, and it asserts, let there be no compulsion in the matters of faith. Then God beefs it up and tells the Prophet that you need not be frustrated if people don’t get your message, you role is to simply deliver it, and I reserve the right to guide them. There is a lot of wisdom in the above two statements.

Contrast this with the inclination of Muslim rulers, who are eager to usurp the liberties of people, and want to impose their beliefs on their subjects. Islam was really for these men, and not necessarily for the average moderate Muslim, who practices the values of Islam without wearing it on his sleeve or her saree.

The dictator Zia ul-Haq badly messed up Pakistan, he did not trust in the God given freedom of individuals, and believed in subjecting them to his version of Islam. He was ready to play God and punish those who did not obey his damned laws that he passed out as Islamic. Now when I read about Erdogan, the popular Prime Minister of Turkey, I get the feeling that he will sink Turkey into a fascist state. 

What is wrong with Muslim leadership? Why do they want to become dictators? Do they ever learn the Golden rule that Prophet so eloquently put, think for your brother what you think for yourselves. I pray to God that he save us from religious bigots running the governments and making a hell for those who differ with them.

I don’t know how many Muslims are aware of the Alevi Muslims of Kurdistan. They seem to have become equivalent of  the Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan, being harassed by the Sunnis. Of course, Muslim nations are not the only ones who are uncivilized, even America has her own share of bigotry towards minorities

However, I’ll take this piece with a grain of salt because it originates from the Center for Islamic Pluralism, run by Steven Schwartz. I am not sure about his agenda, but he is yet to sound sincere to me. We need to verify the veracity of the information presented in this piece. Finding the truth is your own responsibility.

I had a severe encounter with him, he was going to sue me for my write up asking him to back off from approaching the Union of Rabbis. He and others wrote to them, that ISNA is not the legitimate representation of Muslims, but they are, and that the Rabbis need to deal with them. I said baloney, the market is too big, go get the others instead of undermining the work of ISNA.

Israeli aggression towards the Palestinians made Erdogan speak up in strong terms, and that instantly made him a hero in the Muslim world and earned huge support for him. It’s wrong to say that Muslims rejoice when some one stands up to Israel, but the whole world does rejoice. I pray that the people of Israel wake up and take back their governance from the leadership that continue to deeply isolate Israel,  and deplete the moral standing in the community of Nations. Erdogan would not have had a chance to rise, had Israel followed the principles of justice.

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