The Quad of Modi-Trump-Netanyahu-Erdogan

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The Modi-Trump-Netanyahu-Erdogan “quad” will bring economic and social disasters to all of us. No matter how successful they are in mobilizing people around a divisive agenda, they will not lead us out of the chaos.

You have to admire the quad, they mesmerize their worshippers and get them to believe and do whatever they want them to do. Logic, fact, and reason do not matter to the cult worshippers, whatever their Lord says is the truth. They will attend Trump rallies despite the health advisory against it. When Trump says he can shoot someone on 5th avenue and not worry about it, he knows his cult. If Modi had said the same, his worshippers would have lined up to be martyred.

I have no problem with anyone doing whatever pleases them in the pursuit of their happiness. However, I hope the worshippers realize that these men are pied pipers in the likes of Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate cult, Rajnish, and others. I hope they realize before it is too late. We want a prosperous society, where people trust each other and get along with others. We don’t need divisive cult leaders to lead us.

Mike Ghouse

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