25th year of Srebrenica Massacre

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This is the 25th year of SREBRENICA MASSACRE

2020 is the 25th year of the Bosnia Genocide. Thanks to Ambassador Holbrook for persuading President Bill Clinton to take action and bomb Serbia to stop the further genocide.

During that Bosnia crisis, I watched Phil Donahue with some Russian guy on the show.

After hearing a statement from the hosts, I went blank, and my blood was boiling, I am glad I did not die that night. All I remember was how the Russian guy discounted women being raped – he said something to the effect ” oh, they are Muslim women.” It is ok to rape Muslim women.

I sat down at the office in Dallas, Texas, and set my Mac to send non-stop faxes to that studio – the next day, they were a little more careful.

I can never forget the anger I felt that night.

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