Terrorizing the Terrorists

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The general public knows how to handle a difficult one, the governments don’t, but the mothers do it every day. As long as our governments succumb to special interests we will not handle Terrorism in the long haul. There is a Chinese saying, if you want enemy no more, make friends with them.

Push the Brother…hood or Hamas to the corner with no choices; they have no choice left but to hurt us. We cannot be secure if we keep threatening others; bullying throws our own sense of security out the door.

We should seek ways to work with them and understand them. I am sure a few generations down the road will research out that we could have dealt with Hitler, Bin Laden and others.

Thanks to Obama and Clinton, they are reviving what a good diplomacy is all about; create a win-win for all. We the Republicans need to purge our right wingers and understand diplomacy and not bullying, in the long sustainable run, our strength comes from our goodness and freedom and not the gun powder.

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