South Carolina Massacre – a terrorist kills 9 in a church.

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Charleston Massacre |

On June 18, 2015, a terrorist barged in to a Church in Charleston, South Carolina and killed 9 innocent people.  A place of worship is an universal sanctuary of peace and we must  honor that, just as we pullover when a funeral procession or a fire truck run through the road. 

First, let’s pray for the departed souls to rest in peace,  and pray that this situation does not aggravate further into racial tensions. 

This terrorist happens to be a White Christian man who hated Black Christians,  and the situation has nothing to do with Christianity, just as the Jewish gunman opened fire and killed 22 Muslim Worshipers in Jerusalem;  the extremists among Muslims are hell bent on Killing Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan, the extremists among Hindus destroyed a Historical Mosque in Ayodhya and raped, killed and burnt Muslims in Gujarat,  Buddhist Monks violently burnt men and women in Burma; the mobs from Hindus massacred the Sikhs,  Muslim fanatics go on a killing spree in Bangladesh, and the Isis men are beheading Christians, Yazidis and Shia. 

These acts of terror are perpetrated by individuals from every faith, race or region, but in no case the religion authorized them to do this horrendous acts of murdering innocent people.  The criminals are there in every region, religion and race.  

What causes them to be terrorists? I hope we can study this and find solutions.

We endured the Wisconsin shooting where a terrorist walked into a Gurdwara (Sikh temple) and randomly killed worshipers, in response, the Sikhs set the new standards of dealing with the conflict – instead of blaming “all,” they chose to hold candle light vigils across the country and forgave the terrorist. This is an act which Jesus, Muhammad, Nanank and other religious leaders have advocated.
We need to work on greater integrity of Americans for the safety and security of all of us.

As a nation, particularly the relatives of the victims can set the new standards in civility by forgiving the murderer, but keep him in the prison until he has a chance to genuinely repent. Forgiveness extinguishes the fears and hatred more than any eye for an eye will do. There a more terrorists like him, a trial in the court will bring out the worst in him for us to understand his sickness and deal with others. Killing him will kill one person, forgiving and rehabilitating him will save a heck of a lot more lives.

As a nation we mourn together with a few minutes of silence of our own, without blaming any one, but determined to bring a positive change thru peace and non-violence. We need to find a way to heal. Please take a minute and pray for the improved relations among us all. Amen.

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