Severe Questions for Romney

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Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney did deliver a good speech; indeed I remained connected with him throughout the speech. It sounded great, but not sure if it is merely a talk like Obama’s good talk four years ago.
Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney – Republican nominess

I have some sever questions for Mr. Romney, his answers might change the minds of many like me, I am a Moderate Republican who has reluctantly chosen to vote for Obama, not because he
is any better, but because he will do least harm to the nation between the two
of them. I wish I had more choices.

I shudder with the thought of America, had
McCain become the president, I know Mr. McCain’s proclivities and itching for
war,  and eagerness to show them boys who
we are, he would have gone to war with Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Syria.
No doubt Libya would have been carpet bombed and burned to the ground, but it
would have ruined America, more than the Iraq war has done to us. At least I
have an America now that did not run aground with Obama’s foreign policy.

Do you know what the useless wars have done to us?  Not you Mr. Romney, you are secure in your
safe havens, but a majority of Americans are not – 43 Million of us.  McCain would have destroyed all of Libya and
Egypt, but more than that he would have destroyed us Americans in order to get just
one idiot Gaddafi or save one dictator Mubarak. Thank God, we have a president who got the
looney Bin Laden without the collateral damage to anyone. Can you outperform Obama in Syria and Iran?
Mr. Romney, you are itching for a war with Iran, and to gain momentary support
from a few, you will destroy everyone in the process including our allies. We
have a history of setting up that precedent ten years ago. When was the last
time CIA or Mossad had provided absolutely reliable information to justify a damned war?

War will do more harm to us than the ones we intend to afflict, unless they are
just wars like preventing Nazis from annihilating Jews, preventing Serbs from
cleansing Muslims and preventing Saddam form usurping Kuwait.  Spend that damned money in friendships instead
of aggravating hostilities and keeping everyone in tension. When we are
friends, we are less likely to harm the other, but when we are enemies, both of
us will have the will to be evil. 

Your success is inspiring, and I hope it will be replicated around America. 
However, I have a few severe
questions for you.
  • Mitt, will you truly run America as a business?
  • Mitt, do you know when to fold and when to run?
  • Mitt, would you go to a war if it means deaths of thousands of fellow Americans?
  • Mitt, would you let a war run up our debt and deficits and ruin the nation?
  • Mitt, would you cut our allies off, if they become a burden on us?
  • Mitt, would you honor the inalienable rights of individual whom they marry?
  • Mitt, would you preserve the in-alienable rights of women, should they decide not to carry the baby out of incest or rape?
  • Mitt, would you stand up for every American’s freedom of Religion?
  • Mitt, do you have the balls to change the Republican platform?  
  • Mitt, would you let an American die because he or she cannot afford to pay?
  • Mitt, are you another politician in the guise of a business man?
  • Mitt, how do I know you will do all this?

Mitt, I am not sure if I can trust
you with people’s lives, because life is not a business.

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