Best and Worst of Republican Convention Speeches

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I will give an A to Paul Ryan, if he can lean towards the Moderate majority, I will give him an A+.  It was stunning speech.

He offered one of the best explanations on the faith differential between
Romney and him. This is advancement in Republican thinking and I am glad to see them
catch up with the idea of Pluralism, maybe it is just Ryan, and I hope he means
it for the whole nation and not just a convention talk.

delivered the best lines about small business people working 7 days a week to
make it happen, it seemed credible.  Acknowledging
his mother as a role model was wonderful.
of the best lines on Republicanism was, “We chose to limit the government
rather than the economy.”  Indeed, it was
a powerful statement and rekindled the dying Republican flame in me; it was a
strong Republican principle, but has become a rhetoric with the Republican
leadership now.

nearly lied when he said; Obama wants them to give credit to government for
their success, Obama did not say that, neither has Obama said a few other
things that Ryan was trying to ascribe to him. Ryan did not have to risk his credibility by resorting to half truths.
suggestion to Ryan is to keep the Radical Republicans like Huckabee,
Santorum, Gingrich, Rove, Cheney and Cain miles away. And don’t attack
Obama, it will be a losing proposition, build it on your own, you have the
ideas to build upon.

Had it been for McCain,  he would have screwed it up by going to war in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Syria and elsewhere, it is a guaranteed way of weakening America. He was humping and itching to go to war, and had we listened to him, we would have seen more body bags of fellow Americans, increased debt crisis, alienation from the world and a weak America at the end. Thank God for Obama’s reluctance, it has prevented a major disaster from happening to America.

Ryan said a few good things, he may have meant it, but he has to prove it.  A civilized nation is where the “strong
protects the weak”. If you ask that question to women, gays, lesbians, Muslims,
and immigrants – they will call him a hypocrite. He may not be, but the
company he keeps are.

Despite his destructive foreign policy approach, McCain is good for America if his policy is contained to our borders, I expected McCain to deliver a good speech, and he did. At times I felt he was not himself, and was atttempting to give what the conditioned Republican crowd wanted; drums of war and machoism.  

Huckabee’s bigotry comes right through, and I did not want to listen to his whole speech. He called himself
a loser and rightly so. Tim Pawlenty was
never strong, Chris Christie was a major disappointment as I was expecting him to deliver a powerful speech, he dampened the Republican flame in me, it was an opportunity for him to straighten the Republicans.
Romney was graceful and her brief message communicated a whole lot about her
leanings for a family life, she is a very likable woman, someone you can call a
Rice gave a good outline of history and made me almost cry. When she said that
during the tense times in Alabama, her mother had said, you can be anything you
want to be including the president of the United States, that girl went on to
become the Secretary of the United States. Great speech, however her hawkish approach
to foreign policy did harm our standing in the community of nations. They may
have feared us, but did not respect us.
Martinez’s story was powerful! The Republican in her greeted the Republican
in me.

The speakers did bring diversity to the podium, but it was not there in
the audience and does not reflect in their platform. I see a brighter future for Republicans when the old guard fades away.

Nikki Haley was poised, her speech was well
punctuated, thought out, and delivered with style and great applause lines, and she wore
a non-stop graceful smile. Although I do not agree with her subtle political Obama bashing,
which is what the convention crowd wants to hear;  and she gave it to them. Hers
was the best introduction of Mitt Romney so far, and she can make Romney look
like a man with a heart. If Ryan does not make it, she ought to consider
running for President in 2016; she has got great communication skills like
Reagan and Obama. She just needs to move to the center, and bring Americans
Together. We are sick of Republicans who speak from two parts of the body.
of the good speeches, Romney and Ryan need to be fair and equitable to fellow
Americans. Women must have the freedom to choose and not let their Republican Government
tell them what they can do with their bodies, Freedom to practice one’s
religion is lip service by the Republican leadership and we need an
immigration reform.

They (mind you, not the Republicans, but the right wingers) need to quit being
racist. I lost Romney when he said, they don’t ask my birth certificate because
they know I am from here. If I look Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Arab or
African, then I am not born here and they can ask for my birth certificate, right?  Mr. Romney get over that crap and apologize to
Obama, me and all non-white Americans, we are Americans, you may not know it,
but that was a damned racist statement.

the Republicans are betting on going it alone and counting on their “base”, as
they have pointed out that Obama has a base, that is baloney, Obama’s base is
every American  just as yours. Don’t make an attempt to fool Americans, we are far
more advanced than the fringe group among Republicans.
do hope the moderate Republicans put their foot down for the good of the
nation, and I am doing my part. If Ryan can reign in on extremists among
Republicans, like the example set by McCain and Powell, I may change my mind,
but right now, Obama is the least bad choice than these two.  
Mike Ghouse is a Moderate Republican, who hopes that the Moderate Republicans start speaking up bring some sense to the ruling minority of right wingers.

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