Sean Hannity Radio Show 11.23.11

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Sean with David Horowitz and Mike Ghouse

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Rush Notes: I hope to add the audio here

I remain opposed to going to war with Iran, Israel has a right to defend its own border, but it is not wise to go on a pre-emptive war. We never had out intelligence right from the Iran hostage crises to Mubarak stepping down, what makes them think it is right now?
War will destroy our economy more than it will destroy them… Wars are destructive. Horowitz is bent on war; he obviously gets thrills with wars and an opportunity to make money without realizing the evils of the war.

Sean had asked me to repeat the words after him that he was right… I asked him if it was the pledge of Allegiance… I did with the exception that he was right once, but not again.

The Egyptians will not let Army or the Brotherhood destroy their dreams of freedom and democracy. Horowitz believes we should support the military as they are the ones who are going to check the Brotherhood from taking over… he is wrong, the people got rid of Mubarak, and now that Military is showing its arm, they are out on the street again.

Ahmedinejad is a maniac to keep challenging the world, so was Saddam Hussein who challenged that he will fight us out, but we took that country in a few hours, they had no powers. Iran is in the same boat. We should not punish the people of Iran for this one Maniac – they will get rid of him for his destructive talks.

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For Christ’s sake we are a democracy, not a dictatorship. People have the right to protest and that is part of our freedom. I am horrified with Horowitz’s words about expelling the students.

If he and I do not have job, we will be on streets protesting as well against the flawed system. Let people protest… and express their frustration… Horowitz thinks it is the hatred for the country – NO sir; it is the love of the country to protest and set it right. Had we protested before all those useless wars we would have saved our country. Occupy movements is an expression of frustrations over failures of the system… your ideas to expel them are not constructive – rather destructive… when the frustrations reaches peak, there will be more problems… let’s find solutions.

It is a shame that when people are losing jobs, the CEO is walking away with Millions – they earned it, but if the whole system collapses, they lose it too…

Sean and I disagree but we have learned to value each others opinion. That is democracy and pluralism – to respect the otherness of other.

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What’s Next For Egypt?
Mike Ghouse, CEO of America Together Foundation and David Horowitz stopped by to share their thoughts on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. “Things in Egypt are coming down to the Muslim Brotherhood or worse,” began Hannity. “There are several radical Islamic groups in Egypt,” corrected Horowitz, “They’re the ones with the political power and those with Democratic elements don’t have the resources to compete.” Ghouse, slightly disagreeing, argued, “This is the first time in the history where colonialism is ending and ultimately the will of the people will lead to stability in the region.” “There is only one way to get rid of the insecurity in the area,” fought Hannity, “There’s one country that needs to be stopped and that country is Iran.” There is a brewing battle going on with Iran and while Washington continues to jeopardize our defenses with over spending and poor fiscal d iscipline, only our votes in 2012 can help to alleviate the tension and strengthen our position in the world.

Mike Ghouse is committed to building a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. His work is at

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